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Anglo-saxon mission



Historians state that the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” refers to the expansion of Christianity in the 8th century. As if the genocide that implied such an “evangelization” wouldn’t have been enough, these days the term acquires an even more sinister meaning.

On February 16, 2010, someone who was physically present at a meeting of Freemason masters in the City of London in 2005 delivered first-hand information to the administrator of the famous ‘Project Camelot’ website, Bill Ryan, regarding what was discussed in that meeting.

Today February 16, 2020, precisely ten years later, in concordance with the events that have been happening in China so as in other places of the world… it’s not a bad time to remember what Bill Ryan and his partner Kerry Cassidy aired then, regarding the confessions of that alleged high-grade mason.


The Anglo-saxon mission – Witness interview transcript

Text fully imported from the Project Avalon website. Originally published on February 16, 2020.


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Start of interview

Bill Ryan (B): I want to thank you for coming forward with what was immediately clear to me, once I’d read your written debrief, that you have some highly significant information that needs to be shared. And it’s our job at Project Camelot to assist you in reaching people who are aware enough to understand what you’re saying, why it’s important, and to put it in perspective with other information that they may have.

And to introduce all of this, I wonder if you could say what it is that you’re prepared to say on record about your background, about your history… just in general what you think is okay to share about how it is that you’ve actually been positioned to get a hold of the information that you’re going to be reporting.

Witness (W):  Okay. Well, the information I’ve shared with you already, I feel, it’s not Earth-shattering. I feel it’s something that a lot of people will already have grasped with the amount of information that is getting put out on the internet already.

If there’s any uniqueness within the information that I’m providing to you, that I feel should be shared, is that it’s first-hand information and it’s given to you freely for those who wish to use it and to inform themselves. I think that that’s my initial position on this.

For my part, I’ve spent a long time in the military and then held a senior position in the City of London, and within both institutions I became very intimate with events that were being manufactured secretly, covertly, on behalf of a group of people –I can’t say it’s on behalf of a nation or a community because it’s certainly none of that– but it’s certainly something is to do with a group of people whose interests lie within themselves and what they’re doing to coerce a series of events to happen.

Looking back with hindsight now, I can see quite clearly they’re being most successful in doing what they’re doing. And I feel, because of what I know, that time is running out for these people.

So the timeline that I’m going to describe is somehow … and that’s an apt title, really, because a timeline starts somewhere and it ends somewhere and these people are very well aware of it.

We’re coming up to a critical time now, which everybody’s discussing at the moment. I’m very well aware of that. But the information I’ve brought may put some flesh on the bones for other people to consider themselves.

And as for the veracity of it, I can only tell you that what I’m going to tell you is truthful, albeit lots of people may think it’s a perception. I’m quite happy with that, too. But it’s been my experience, and it’s that experience that I’m going to share.

B:  Yes. What would be great is if you can differentiate between information which came at you first-hand when you were physically in meetings with some of these people, and other information that you’ve got that was through more subjective means, which you may feel very confident in. It’s important to separate out the provenance of the information. But for you, of course, and for many other people who will be reading this, it actually forms a coherent picture. Right?

W:  Yes. I think that’s important. I think anything like this has to be coherent. And of course there is a subjective element to it; I mean, I can’t deny that. But, you know, all of it could be looked at as being subjective, but it’s also from a witness point of view. Hopefully, how I’m going to describe it, people will be able to see through any subjective feelings I’ve got about it and get to the core of what’s going on.

B:  Right. Now, if you could just add a little bit of detail about the group that you referred to. Does this group have any kind of name that they’re calling themselves? Is this a group that other people reading this would recognize when cross-referencing information?

W:  I’ve had difficulty myself in trying to describe these people. I’ve called them like a “Band of Brothers.” I’ve also called them an “over-government”. There’s also other names I could call them, some of them derogatory, and that would be deserved. [laughs] But I think the best way, the most sensible way to describe these people so that people can understand what they’re like, is they’re like an over-government, because that’s what they’re doing.

B:  Are you talking about British people here, or international people?

W:  The meeting that I will refer to later, it was all British, and some of them are very well known characters who people in the United Kingdom will recognize immediately. Those who are international who might read this might have to do bit of research on them. But they are national figures, some of them.

B:  Are they political figures? Or are they figures in the “noble classes”, so to speak?

W:  Yes, there is a bit of aristocracy there, and some of them come from quite aristocratic backgrounds. There’s one who I identified at that meeting who is a senior politician. Two others were senior figures from the police, and one from the military. Both are known nationally and both are key figures in advising the present government — at this present time.

B:  And inasmuch as there’s a political component to this, does this political component go across both parties?

W:  No, this senior political component belongs to the right-wing party in Britain, the Conservative Party.

B:  Okay. For the benefit of American readers, that would be the equivalent of the Republicans.

W:  Yes.

B: All right. So, it’s an insider group that functions in Britain as many American readers of this transcript would recognize by analogy — it’s like the American secret government. You’re talking about politicians behind the scenes who are still very influential, links with the police, links with the military. Are there also American military links in there?

W:  Yes.

B:  Okay.

W:  One significant military figure, now retired, but active in advising government.

B:  Okay. Are you aware of or did you hear any discussion of any participation by church authorities or the Vatican or any of the religions of the world? Was this mentioned as part of their strategic planning for all of this?

W:  No. Not at all, but I know the Church of England, especially, is complicit in everything that’s going on, totally complicit.

B:  Okay. And you know this because of the close relationship between senior figures in the Church of England and the group that you met with in the City of London?

W:  Absolutely. You don’t need a forensic expert to find that one out. That’s quite open.

B:  Okay. Is this all fundamentally Masonic?

W:  Absolutely. There’s no question about that. Everybody is vetted through that process, through the Masonic process, and then they get to meet one another.

That’s something that people need to understand. There are levels in Masonry. You know, most Masons don’t really know anything at all, and they’re out there doing good work for the most part and they get the benefit of a kind of “club,” as it were. But that goes through various levels. Some people call it by “degrees” or whatever. But it’s a Who’s Who. That is — who can be trusted, who can be brought together, who’s holding power, who’s likely to develop more power.

And these people attract one another and they get together because they all have a single cause. But it’s not exactly like a Masonic cause, you know. It’s something that can be likened to it, but not the same as it.

B:  Could you explain that a little more clearly?

W:  Well, I think the best way to explain this is:  Masonry, is to my knowledge, is just a vehicle for these people. It allows them to come together quietly, in secret, behind closed doors, get to know one another, feel safe and secure knowing confidently that what’s said in these meetings go no further than those meetings. So it’s got that Masonic element to it, but this goes to an entirely different level altogether.
Now, the meeting that I’m talking about, I don’t even consider these people to be a significant level — significant enough for me at the time — but they were discussing things that were already agreed upon and planned and dictated. They were really getting together to share information, to find out how well it was going and what was needed to keep it on track.

B:  So things had already been decided at an even higher level than this. Is that what you’re saying?

W:  That was very clear. From what I heard, they weren’t a decision-making group. They were like an action group. They were people who needed to come together now and then to discuss together what needs to be done, or what is getting done, and what should be getting done. And then they disperse and go back and do what they need to do, as a result of these meetings.

B:  Okay. And you attended one meeting?

W:  Only one.

B:  And in what capacity did you attend this meeting?

W:  By sheer accident! I thought it was a normal three-monthly meeting because I looked at the e-mail list, which had familiar names on it, and I was on it. But by that time, because of the senior position I held within the City, I just thought it was quite normal for me to be earmarked for this kind of meeting.

So when I went to the meeting, it wasn’t the same venue as before. It was a livery company venue, which is quite unusual, but not too unusual to wonder why. I went to this meeting and it was not the meeting that I was expecting. I believe I was invited… it was because of the position I held and because they believed that, like themselves, I was one of them.

B:  So you were included because they already knew you. You were regarded as a safe pair of hands.

W:  Absolutely. Yes. I was a safe pair of hands. I was a do-er. I was one of the people who, at my level within the organization, got things done.

B:  Okay.

W:  And I was regarded as that. Lots had known me for some time, even the most senior figures within them.  I mean, it was first-name terms, that sort of thing. And I’d also been regularly invited to various functions, social functions, and things like that where I became familiar with some of them and some of them became very familiar with me.

So it was easy-going, quite professional, nothing out of the ordinary, although bells started to ring about what they were up to and what they were doing and the kind of decisions that they were making, which by and large, I ignored. It seems unusual, but there was a part of me that wanted to ignore what was going on.

B:  Are you saying that in this particular meeting we’re talking about, the people who attended the meeting were familiar to you, largely, and you’d attended other meetings with them before; but this was a meeting with a difference because it was in a different location and with a different agenda, although the delegates to the meeting were basically the same group? Is that what you’re saying?

W:  No, not exactly. I knew most of the attendees at the meeting, but not all.  There were about 25 or 30 people were at the meeting. And it was looked rather informal, you know, people getting to know one another, re-acquainting themselves as people do. There was nothing unusual about that. It was when the subjects started to come up that my astonishment started to rise at what was being said.

B:  Was it like a formal chaired meeting around a table, with notes and water glasses, and all of that kind of stuff?

W:  None of the sort. There were no notes taken — nothing. It was really a behind-closed-doors meeting with people talking over one another, some people holding the audience, spelling out what their concerns were, catapulting onto other things that they thought were of concern to them.

And then describing, which I can only say is the “timeline of events” that they had anticipated to be happening, to be on course, and lots of concerns because it wasn’t. And what was meant to happen on the timeline that hadn’t happened, and what actions were going to be taken for it to happen.

And this is where things started to get quite surreal — because I’d never been in the company of people like this, talking like that.

Now, the group of people who I was most familiar with, the people who do the work within the City, they belong to various well known financial committees; some of them quite diverse committees, but they all belong to the same organization. These are people who go unseen; most people don’t know who they are. I know them. I know them by sight, know them by name. I know them by what they do.

It was the other people who were there at the time that surprised me. Three others in particular. There were more people there who were at their type of level as well who I couldn’t really identify, but three of significance, certainly.

B:  Okay, now when was this meeting? Let’s put a date on it.

W:  Okay. We’re talking 2005. It was after the May general election — that’s when Blair was voted back in again. That meeting definitely took place some time in June of that year.

B:  It is okay to put on record that it was in June?

W:  June 2005 is fine. Yes.

B:  All right. Now I wonder then if you could spell out what it was that was discussed at that meeting.

W:  Well, as I mentioned, I was quite surprised to see the amount of people who were there. The meeting ranged from several discussions covering several items or things that were happening at the world in the time, so there was quite a big discussion about security within the country. And one of those three key persons there has now assumed the role over this… is actually doing it now. He’s there now. He’s in that position right now.

The big thing at the time was Iraq. That was on their agenda, but also, surprisingly, there was lots of conversation and talk about Iran. And what surprised me and really raised my eyebrows, was mention, open mention — this was people talking comfortably to one another, not arguing or shouting — but talking comfortably about the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action. That was something that really raised the hairs on the back of my neck.

And it seemed as if the Israeli government was tied onto what was going on here and had a role to play which was being dictated outside Israeli borders. A year later, Israel attacked Iranian-backed Hezbollah bases in Lebanon.

And then the second thing that came out that I recall quite clearly was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the Chinese financial sectors.

I really couldn’t understand why they were talking about that and why that had any importance. What I picked up from this seemed to be the Japanese government, or those in Japan, being coerced or ordered into doing something that would wreck or slow down the Chinese rise to financial power.

It was mentioned that China was growing too quickly and the main beneficiary of that growth was the Chinese military, which was getting modernized, mostly through the money that they were getting from the world market.

And then things… and this is where I can’t help but be subjective, Bill. Because at the time

I recall I started to feel quite sick about what was being spoken about, and very anxious about what was being said.

I was on the periphery of this meeting and I could feel the anxiety just rise up inside me because this was stuff that was getting spoken about off the cuff. It wasn’t getting announced to anybody. This was things that they already knew about.

So then there was open talk about the use of biological weapons, where and when they would be used, and the timing. And timing always appears to be crucial.

And then there was more talk centered on how Iran must be engaged militarily in order to provoke the desired military response from China.

There was a clear expectation of goading Iran into some sort of armed conflict with the West, with China coming to the aid of Iran. Through this goading, either China or Iran would use a tactical nuclear weapon of some sort.

And, as I mentioned, these people weren’t making decisions. They were discussing something that had already been planned, so they were simply sharing their information between themselves. And it became clear as these discussions went on that the central issue of this meeting was when the balloon would go up — when all this would happen.
Other talk centered on dealing with finances, resources, protection of assets, and a control of these resources and bringing in outlying assets. And I can go through this chain of events with you now, Bill, if you like.

B:  I’d be really happy to go into as much detail as you feel you can.

W:  Okay. Now, as I previously mentioned, they needed either the Chinese or the Iranians to be guilty of the first use of nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage.
Now, I’ve already added, and this is anecdotal, so it can’t be confirmed. But my information coming through in this meeting, and from elsewhere, positively indicates that the Iranians do indeed have a tactical nuclear capability right now. They’re not developing it. They’ve got it.

B:  Some say they might have got it from the Russians, maybe. Do you have any idea about that?

W:  I believe it’s from the Chinese.

B:  From the Chinese… okay.

W:  It’s because the Chinese technology has been, for many years, used in their missile systems. They’re getting missile technology also from the Russians as well, but this is mostly ground-to-air missile systems, that sort of thing — defensive weapons. Tactical missile weaponry — that technology is coming via China.

B:  Do you have some expertise in this subject from your own military background?

W: Yes, I do.

B:  Okay, so this means that in this meeting where you were hearing this information, you were able to hear this wearing your military hat, with your military experience, and understand strategically and tactically what it was they were talking about and why.

W:  Oh, absolutely. I could have even stepped in and corrected their terminology because I believe they were getting it wrong, but they were just describing it the best way they could.

B:  Right.

W:  So yes, I do have quite a deep knowledge of those types of weapons, and weapons systems in general.

B:  Weapons systems in general; sure. Okay, back to where we were, that was a little footnote that you put in there, saying that you felt, anecdotally, but you’re also confident in that opinion, that Iran did actually have a current nuclear capability.

W:  Yes, if I can put this in here, Bill, before this escapes me… it’s anecdotal in the sense that the discussion didn’t mention that Iran didn’t have them. The discussion leant toward the Iranians having that type of weapon and not having them. I think the distinction would have been made there — if they didn’t have them. It wasn’t mentioned that they DIDN’T have them. It leant towards them having such weapons already.

B:  I understand. Now, I don’t want to get you off track, but there’s the potential analogy with the Iraqi situation, where Western governments and military, whether they really knew the truth or not, were certainly telling the public that the Iraqi military capability was far greater than it really was. Is it possible that there was some delusion here with respect to Iran’s capability? Or do you think they really did know what the Iranians have and could do?

W: Making a comparison with Iraq is a natural thing to do. However, in this context, I think it could mislead.

The backing that Iraq got during the Iran-Iraq War was mostly Western. And of course “Western” we must include Israel, so the likelihood of Iraq getting a nuclear weapon that they haven’t produced themselves, but getting it imported to them, would be extremely low.

Now, the other side of the coin is Iran. Now, Iran is being continuously backed by China and then later by the Russians; and also by other countries too. The military market is quite an open one and in that we can even include the French, who quite independently export their weapons out wherever they can.

B:  Yes.

W:  Even in defiance of conventions in place about the sale of weapons abroad. But this goes a bit beyond that. We’re talking about a country that’s being used quite well by another country throughout the revolutionary period — where they have been seen as an enemy of all the Western states, and also the Gulf states as well.

B:  You mean, you’re referring to Iran being used by China?

W:  China. Yes.  They’re both using each other, of course. China’s economy is skyrocketing. I don’t know if it’s reached its plateau now or not, and I’m not talking about that. But the amount of weaponry and the level of technical expertise that Iran is receiving from the Chinese military —  it seems inconceivable that nuclear weapons haven’t been included within any package that goes there; whether that comes under the direct control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards or jointly by the Iranians and the Chinese. One can’t be sure.

But I go back to what I said before, that at that meeting, the assumption was — and it was quite clear — that the Iranians HAD such weapons in their possession because it wasn’t mentioned to the contrary.

B:  Understood. And what you’re going to go on to talk about is how this cooperation between Iran and China was going to be used as a way to get at China — because China’s the main target. Is this correct?

W:  That’s correct.  China has been the main target since at least the mid 70s — and again, this information it’s through third parties so I can’t give you any direct first-hand evidence of this — but it’s always been China. It was always China that is to be the big one in this timeline.

B:  Mm hm.

W:  It’s China that they’re after right now, and it’s all about how to coerce and create the scenario where this type of — well, it’s going to be war, Bill; there’s going to be a war — how this can be realized and how it can be made credible to everybody here living in the West?

And the way it’s going to be made credible is by a state like Iran being used as a patsy to use a nuclear weapon in order to elicit an exchange.

B:  And the whole justification of this, then, is to provide or to trick China into a war, with what reason?

W:  China will then come to the aid of Iran, very quickly. And what we’re talking about is these “Roads to Jerusalem,” as it were. And it should be no surprise that the Chinese have got their own “Road to Jerusalem,” so to speak, because that’s where the oil is — their lifeline — and that’s where their power could be extended far more than where it is at the moment.

B:  I didn’t understand what you meant there by Jerusalem. Was that a metaphor, talking about Iran?

W:  Yes. It was my metaphor. Although I haven’t mentioned it to you previously, you know, they talk about “the road to Jerusalem,” as it were. People like Benjamin Netanyahu use it quite a lot. Obama has used it. The Chinese president has actually used it, I believe, too. Hu Jintao, his name is. They’ve actually used this metaphor.

B:  I didn’t know that.

W:  Yes, they have. It’s where that road lies. Does it lie through Tehran, going one way? Or does it lie through Tehran again, coming the other way?

B:  Okay, so you’re using it basically as a metaphor for a desired goal, something that’s reached and attained.

W:  That’s right.

B:  Okay. So what you’re saying, then, is that there’s a long-term plan which has being decided quite a while ago to set up the situation, to set up the chessboard, the global chessboard, so that there will be a war with China. This is what you’re saying.

W:  Yes, in a nutshell. You’ve got it. It’s a whole series of events, and a lot of them have been realized. And again I can only emphasize that time seems to be critical.

B:  What has happened, and what is yet to happen, and what is the eventual roll-out plan that they want to happen if everything that they wanted were to occur?

W:  Well, the plan is for the fuse to be set off in the Middle East again, in a way that would make the previous conflicts in the Middle East look like playground scraps.
It will involve the use of nuclear weapons and, again, it’s to create an atmosphere of chaos and extreme fear, not just in the West but throughout the world, and to put in place what I’ve mentioned as unified totalitarian Western governments; and to do this China needs to be taken out, politically and socially, for this to happen.

B:  So what they’re doing here, they’re killing two birds with one stone. They’re using this as a justification to create what many on the internet have called the One World Government, except that’s not including China. You’re talking about the Western nations in lockdown alliance against this new threat.

W:  It’s specifically the Western nations, but I think we’ve also got to include Japan in this too.

B:  And how about Russia? Where does Russia stand?

W:  I believe Russia is a player, but I’ve got no evidence. For some reason or other Russia really doesn’t get a look in here; and it’s just an assumption of mine that that Russian government that’s in place at the moment is hand-in-hand with the controlling players that are here in the West.

B:  Hm. So you’re saying that because in this meeting that you attended, Russia wasn’t mentioned as a major factor.

W:  No, none at all. The only way it was mentioned is that the whole idea is to create a condition of chaos throughout the world. It would mean the later use of biological weapons, widespread food shortages, which will affect vulnerable countries across the globe, followed by mass starvation and disease.

The only mention that Russia gets in here is an odd one which I can’t explain and maybe someone else can. I can’t really get my head around this. But within this meeting it was mentioned: “to cause the Chinese military to attack Eastern Russia”. Now, I can’t qualify that and why that was mentioned at the meeting — I just don’t know.

B:  Okay. So just to go back to what I mentioned a minute ago, about two birds with one stone. One goal here, then, is to establish a united alliance of Western countries with a kind of totalitarian “emergency war footing”, heavy control aspect to it. And the other aspect is actually to light the fire of this war, which will result in all kinds of chaos and presumably an enormous number of people dying somewhere.

W:  Yes.

B:  The Chinese population? Or everyone on the planet? Is this part of the population reduction plan? What did they say?

W:  Well, there was talk about biological agents being used, described as being flu-like and it would spread like wildfire. Now, they didn’t mention it at this meeting, but I know now that it will attack people genetically, not everybody together. How that would happen… I’m not a geneticist, I really don’t know. One can only assume that it’s linked to DNA in some way.

B:  Mm hm.

W:  And the differences that are found in DNA. These differences have been identified and the viruses can be made that could kill a person off and do it quite quickly.

B:  And so the viruses are genetically targeted is what you’re saying?

W:  Yes.

B:  Genetically targeted for racial type, or more specific even than that?

W:  Racial type. I can be quite definite on that. They’re talking about extinction of a whole part of the human race, doing so genetically.

B:  Really? Did they mention that in this meeting, in those terms?

W:  Not exactly. Those are my terms. But this is how it was mentioned, and this is my recall of it and how this came out and how I’ve interpreted it.

B:  Okay.

W:  But that’s what it most definitely alluded to.

B:  Are they talking about getting the Chinese out of the way because they’re an inconvenient major group that’s not playing ball with the global plans? Or are they talking about this as an excuse to thin down the entire world’s population, including that in the Western countries?

W:  Well, it’s a very good question and as far as I can see, it’s a hypothetical one. Again, I can’t give you an answer to that one. From a personal point of view, it definitely appears to be a thinning of the world’s population and it’s getting it down into a controllable size for this government that’s going to come, in order for them to have the control that they wish for. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have it.

It even sickens me to speak about this now, it really does. It sickens me no end that they would go ahead and do this sort of thing; that such things have actually been spoken about. They’re bringing the population down to what they coldly believe to be a “manageable level”.

B:  Can you reference in this meeting that you attended to those levels, or the numbers, or the percentages, or anything tangible that you can remember?

W:  Yes. They’re talking about half.

B:  Wow. That’s a lot of people.

W:  Yes. It is.

B:  Okay.

W:  That’s bringing it back down by half.

B:  So that’s more than the Chinese, then. That answers that question, doesn’t it?

W:  Well, in a nuclear exchange –and I believe there will be a limited nuclear exchange –there will be some sort of ceasefire. That was spoken about; they anticipated a quick ceasefire, but not before millions had already died, principally in the Middle East.

So we’re probably talking about Israel here, the population in Israel being sacrificed. Also places like Syria, Lebanon, possibly Iraq, definitely Iran, you know, the towns and major cities, power plants and so forth, that sort of thing. And then a ceasefire before it goes full-out.

B:  A cease…? Wow. Sorry, I’m interrupting you, I do apologize. A ceasefire before it goes full-out?

W:  Yes, it’s like some sort of game of poker where they already know what hands are going to be dealt. They know what’s going to be dealt. They know that scenario could be brought about and that scenario can be ended again with a ceasefire. So we’ll have the ceasefire, and it’s during this time of the ceasefire that events will start to really take off.

B:  Do you know how?

W:  Yes. This is when biological weapons will be used.

B:  Oh…

W:  This will create the conditions where biological weapons can be used. And here you’ve got to imagine a world, now post-nuclear war, or limited nuclear war, in chaos, financial collapse, totalitarian governments coming into place.

B:  And a lot of damage to infrastructure.

W:  People living in total fear and panic — this is what’s going to happen next. You’ll have a scenario… and this again was talked about, and I can go into some detail about how people will become more controllable with no one coming out in contention about what’s going to happen because their own safety and security has now being placed firmly in the hands of those who are saying they can protect it best.

And it’s in this ensuing chaos of a post-nuclear exchange that these biological weapons will be deployed in such a fashion where there will be no structure, no safety-nets, for anybody to counter this type of biological onslaught.

And it should be mentioned, for those who are not aware, that biological weapons are just as effective as nuclear ones; it just takes a while longer — that’s all.

B:  Yes. Now, the deployment of the biological weapons following the ceasefire, is that something that happens covertly, like all of a sudden people will start getting ill and no one knows where it came from? Or is this an overt weapon deployment that would be very obvious?

W:  I don’t think it would be overt, because the Chinese people are going to be hit by the flu! So there’ll be a worldwide flu epidemic, perhaps, with a country like China — or China, because China is mentioned — being the one that’s going to suffer most.

B:  Okay. Now, if you were a Chinese military commander, what would you do in this situation? Presumably you would retaliate.

W:  Yes, indeed. The type of retaliation the Chinese armed forces could provide is not the same as those that are held in the West. The type of weapons that the West can deploy very, very quickly far outstrips anything that’s within the technological grasp of the Chinese armed forces at the moment — although they’re getting better as time goes on.

But when I’m talking about China, we’re talking about the People’s Liberation Army, the People’s Army, getting together quite quickly, and you’re talking about mass movements of troops somehow into zones where they can engage with their opposite number.

And in this type of exchange that’s going to be nuclear… that’s why I mentioned right at the very beginning… there will be a conventional war to begin with, then it will quickly go to nuclear with either Iran or the Chinese being provoked into first use, is because they won’t be able to be in a position to defend themselves properly against what the West can deliver conventionally without going nuclear first.

B:  Okay. So the Chinese are going to be obliged to go into a preemptive strike.

W:  Yes, all their options will be taken away from them… the retaliatory options will be taken away from them quite quickly and they wouldn’t have time to recover.

B:  Okay, now, what you were describing there was the situation before the ceasefire, when China was going to be provoked into using nuclear weapons.

W:  I think it’s best to look at this in stages. So we’re talking about a conventional war of sorts; that war then eliciting the use of a nuclear weapon either by the Chinese or by the Iranians.

B:  Okay.

W:  Probably more likely by Iran, to stop it going any further. Then we’re talking about an exchange of weapons and then a ceasefire before we have something that’s no longer confined to a geographical area.

B:  What does that look like? Is this global? For instance, are you talking nuclear weapons on American territory, in Europe, and so forth?

W:  No. Global nuclear war wasn’t mentioned.

B:  Okay.

W:  It was just purely geographical, Middle East.

B:  Okay. So actually some people would refer to this as the Armageddon war, the war that’s been prophesied.

W:  Yes. That’s right. For those who are looking down those roads, you know, it certainly highlights a time where this sort of thing is going to occur. But probably not the way they thought, because I can’t emphasize this too much: people in general are going to be placed into such a state of panic and fear that they’re going to wish for a strong government everywhere.

They won’t call them totalitarian governments; they’ll be military governments with the civil government still there but in a redundant mode. The military will call the shots — the same way as a general does in Afghanistan, or previously in Iraq. The general in command takes over the scene. He makes the calls.

So we have to imagine the same sort of thing within a country where you’ve got a military-based civil government, calling the shots, with the so-called elected government almost redundant. The military-based government will provide the security for the people who are living in these countries who have yet to be affected by this type of onslaught.

B:  Okay. What’s the timing for this series of events, as best you know?

W:  As best I know… 18 months. It’s definitely before 2012.

B:  Okay.

W:  Or around 2012, sometime in that year.

B:  Now somebody reading this will ask: Okay, so this is what they were discussing in 2005. How can you know that this plan is still on track, that things haven’t changed radically, that they haven’t abandoned it completely, that there hasn’t been some big U-turn or epiphany here? What makes you so certain that this is still on track?

W:  Because of the events that have taken place since 2005. I think that’s probably the most coherent way to look at it. We’ve already had a so-called financial collapse. It wasn’t a collapse at all. It was a centralization of financial power. That’s happened. It’s certainly happened in the United States. It’s most certainly happened in the United Kingdom. It’s most certainly happened in France and in Germany. So all the key players in the Western world centralized their financial assets.

B:  Was this talked about in the meeting?

W:  Yes! It took up quite a large part of that meeting about how it was going to happen. Bear in mind where the meeting took place — in the City of London. The City is the financial hub of the world, beyond any question.

B:  So what you’re saying then is that all of these things have happened according to their roll-out of this plan.

W:  That’s right — and all the preparations that need to be in place before this type of conflict takes place, that’s already been put in place too.

B:  Such as what? What are you referring to?

W:  Well you’re talking about key figures taking over. Let’s take a good example here and this is one that probably most people in the United Kingdom are unaware of, is that the British private security industry employs somewhere in the region of 500,000 people, which is far more than the UK military. The UK military is far smaller than that. The UK military is only a couple of hundred thousand. You’re talking 500,000 people working in private security industry at the moment.

Now prior to 2005, there was no regulation for that. There was no training for them. There was no unification of that force of people. And behind the scenes — and this is something people should be able to be aware of, especially living in the UK — there was the 2001 Private Security Industry Act.

Now, that act meant that anybody working within the private sector had to undergo certain training. They also had to be police-checked. It makes a kind of civilian sense for people who are working in areas of such security responsibility should be police-checked.

These police checks… everything gets found out. It’s not just if you’ve committed a crime or not. Believe me, you can find out far much more about that individual through a police check.

And then there’s training.  This training is all about managing conflict: what to do in times of conflict, how to manage it, how to control it. And then they’re taught how to use controlled force. It extends from there.

B:  So you’re talking about handling problems of civil unrest and so on. This is all a setup for that.

W:  Indeed. You can take the protests that took place after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, here in the United Kingdom and in Western Europe and also in the States, but mostly in Western Europe. It was almost like a mass uprising against the war in Iraq. That won’t be repeated again. It won’t be.

But the people in this industry need to be lawfully empowered in order to do their job because they’ll still be working protecting assets, so they’ll still be doing their job. And at the moment as we speak the Security Industry Association is seeking and receiving more powers on top of the powers that they’ve already been given. They’ve already been licensed to operate legally within the civilian environment. Now they’re getting the additional police powers they need.

It’s not just for those in the British security industry; it’s also those who are called “civilian enforcement officers”: parking attendants, that sort of thing; community police officers; those who are aiding the police in order for them to do their job, they’re getting powers commensurate with the responsibilities that’s required to enable them to do the job effectively. So we’re talking about powers of arrest; powers of detention; we’re talking down those lines. And that’s going to happen.

B:  Is this happening in other Western countries as well, do you know?

W:  Well, it’s already occurred in other Western countries, places like France and Germany, where you’ve got several police forces working together. You don’t have one police force, as it were, that you could identify and say: Well, they’re the police. They’ve got other agencies and they all carry similar powers.

But those powers within the UK security industry just do not exist at the moment. They already exist in the United States and it’s a United States model that’s principally being used here.

B:  Okay. Now, before you got into those details, we were talking about the timeline — and I was asking you about what was your response to somebody who wanted to know how you could be so sure this was more or less on track, even though the meeting you attended was four years ago.

W:  Almost five years ago now.

B:  Almost five. Yes.

W:  Yes. All I can say, Bill, is that just take on board what I’ve mentioned, and if it does ring any bells with anyone — the veracity of what’s said can then be checked by themselves if they wish to do so.

B:  Yes.

W:  Not everything’s hidden. They can’t possibly hide everything, and then they can put the pieces of the puzzle together themselves and then they’ll find out that it’s quite credible.

B:  Yes. I have to admit, it is very credible, which is very sobering. Right at the start of our conversation, you said that… this is my paraphrase… you said that this was a race against time from their point of view. Why?

W:  There’s lots of things going to be happening within the next few years and it’s all to do with power. Some of it, I don’t fully understand myself, to be honest with you. But from what I do understand, there is quite a lot of power-brokering going on, and it’s principally that those who have been in control of most of society for not just hundreds of years, but for thousands of years, wish that control to continue. And in order to do that, a sequence of events has to be manufactured in order for that to happen. What I’ve just described to you is probably the first part.

So we’re going to head into this war, then after that… and I can’t give you a timescale for when this is going to happen… there will be a geophysical event taking place on Earth which is going to affect everybody.

Now, by that time we will all have been through a nuclear and biological war. The Earth’s population, if this happens, will be drastically reduced. When this geophysical event is going to take place, then those remaining will probably be halved again. And who survives that is going to determine who takes the world and its surviving population into the next era.

So we are talking about a post-cataclysmic-event era. Who’s going to be in charge? Who’s going to be in control? So it’s all about that. And that’s why they’re so desperate for these things to happen within a set timeframe. Otherwise they’ll lose out.

B:  Okay. Let me play devil’s advocate here, and talk to me from your standpoint of having quite a lot of in-depth military experience and familiarity with military thinking. Why is the war and the establishment of the totalitarian government, and the atmosphere of fear, and so on and so forth, why is all that needed if there is going to be a major geophysical event, as you put it, which would further disrupt infrastructure, result in a lot of deaths, result in all manner of emergencies all over the world, earthquakes, tsunamis, goodness knows what. That alone would justify martial law in most countries and states of emergency and those same factions could easily justify assuming power in that kind of an emergency. Why is the war part of this scenario? I don’t understand that.

W:  I think you have to look at it from a different point of view. After a cataclysmic event, there will be little or no structure. And if there’s no structure, that means a structure has to be put back in place.

A structure needs to be in place before that happens with some sort of certainty that it will survive what’s going to come — so that it can land on both feet the day after, and then remain in power and have the power that it’s enjoyed previously.

B:  So, it’s a justification for strengthening the critical parts of the infrastructure actually in preparation for the cataclysm which in routine civilian times might not be so strong. This is what you’re saying?

W:  Indeed. And I’m going into an area where I can only give subjective views the same as any other person could, but the feeling, and it’s a very intuitive one, is that they’ve got to get their act together now. They’ve got to get their powerbase properly in place. And the only way they’re going to do that is to create the circumstances for that to happen, i.e., a conflict.

And we can all look back through history. Every war has achieved an aim. Besides the suffering, the human suffering that goes on, it’s always achieved an aim. And the aim is always on the side of the victor.

So, we’re looking at this totalitarian regime, which I believe is already totalitarian anyway. I mean, we do not have a democracy at all. Nobody’s got a say. This has already been decided over and above anybody.

We don’t matter, as it were. We really don’t matter. They matter, and their power matters, and that’s the only thing that’s being thought about it. And I believe if you tapped into the mindset of someone who operates in that type of way, you’d understand what they’re going to do and why they’re doing it and why they want to control the endgame and be in power at the end of it, intact, because this geophysical event is going to be survivable.

B:  Do you have any indications when this is? This implies, from what you’re saying, that they’re kind of expecting something to happen in 2012. Is this a 2012 event?

W:  No, this isn’t really centered around 21st December, 2012. I don’t know what’s going to happen on 21st December, 2012.

I’ve got strong suspicions that it’s going to be something else, maybe something nice for everybody. I really don’t know. But certainly around that time we’re going to be in a conflict that’s going to take as long as it takes. But we’re talking about some years after 2012 when this geophysical event is going to take place. I’ve judged that to be in my lifetime.

B:  Okay. So let me feed this back to you, this roll-out of events you describe: the nuclear exchange and the ceasefire, and then the use of biological weapons… what you’re saying is that this is going to result in such chaos actually that it will take a generation of humanity to rebuild all of that. And during all of that time there will have to be some kind of a heavy totalitarian infrastructure in order to cope with this on-going emergency and re-build. And then sometime in there, there’s going to be this major geophysical event, but they’ve got to get started as soon as possible. Is that right?

W:  That’s correct. That’s right.

B:  Do you think that they know when this is happening? Or do you think they think it’s just happening “sometime”?

W:  Yes. I think they’ve got a good idea of when it’s going to happen. I don’t know when that is. However, I’ve got this very strong feeling that it’s going to happen in my lifetime, say within 20 years. You could probably bring that back even further — between now and ten years; between now and five years.

B:  Hm.

W:  You know, I really don’t know. I wish I did know. It’s something that I’d love to know, but we’ve now entered into that period where this geophysical event is about to take place, when we consider the length of time that’s passed since the last one which happened about 11,500 years ago, and it happens round about 11,500 years, cyclically. It’s now due to happen again.

B:  Yes.

W:  To what degree it’s going to affect the world, one can only imagine, and I’m sure there’s contingency plans in place right now for that event to happen because I believe that is widely known within these circles. They understand it’s going to happen. They have a certainty of knowledge that it’s going to happen. They may have a timeframe, and it appears likely that they have. Again, it’s one of these things — it would be inconceivable if they didn’t know. I mean, the best brains in the world will be working for them on this. You know? And they know all about it, and personally, I don’t.

B:  Was this talked about in your meeting at all?

W:  No, it wasn’t openly spoken about. Let me summarize what was discussed at the meeting:

Iran will be attacked, possibly within 18 months. China will come to the aid of Iran, to protect its own interests. Nuclear weapons will be used either by Iran or China, with Israel provoking the first use. Much of the Middle East will be laid to waste. Millions will die within a very short period of time. And for some reason this is here, and I can’t tell you why: China will move forcibly into parts of Russia to extend ceasefire lines. Thereafter, biological weapons will be deployed against China. China will “catch a cold”.

And my own understanding is that there’s some sort of malevolent ET alliance at work for 50 years by the UK and US and other Western powers, and this includes Japan.

And, again, when we talk about a malevolent ET alliance that’s in the context of black projects, and this is an exchange of technologies that’s been going on for some considerable time. So there is an involvement there, and that involvement I can’t fully explain myself.

And I also understand that there are more humanitarian and altruistic ET entities working against this timeline and are somehow maintaining a precarious balance without taking any direct intervention themselves. And again, I can’t fully explain that but it’s a certain intuitive feeling that this is working and there’s other aspects of my experience that’s led me to make that statement — but that’s another story.

So what we’re talking about is the Western powers seeking a ‘perfect war’; doing so throughout the 20th century right up till the present day, because this timeline goes way back. So we’re talking decades or hundreds of years of time where this timeline has been in use.

And also I think it’s quite important to associate the timeline with its other reference which I’ve heard several times now: it’s called THE ANGLO-SAXON MISSION. I feel that’s important to add because that may ring some bells with some people as I don’t think it’s been mentioned before.

B:  I’ve heard that phrase before. I don’t want to digress here, but the flag which I’ve got against that — and actually which I’m really starting to understand and it’s as chilling as it gets, from what you’re saying — that the reason why it’s called The Anglo-Saxon Mission is because basically the plan is to wipe out the Chinese so that after the cataclysm and when things are rebuilt, it will be the Anglo-Saxons who are in a position to rebuild and inherit the new Earth, with no one else around. Is that right?

W:  Whether that’s right I really don’t know, but I would agree with you. Through the 20th century at least, and even before into the 19th and 18th centuries, the history of this world has been predominantly run from the West and from the Northern region on the planet. Others have tried but failed.

And it’s safe to say that World War One and World War Two were manufactured wars. I’m quite sure of that. And they were used as stepping-stones to get to where they are now. Any historian will tell you that if that didn’t happen, this wouldn’t have happened. We wouldn’t have had the United Nations; we wouldn’t have had the United States of America becoming a superpower in such a short period of time. They became a superpower within four years of war. And they ended up with nuclear weapons.

People, I feel, have got to bring this into their own personal agendas. The West becoming the predominant force in the world is there. It’s beyond question.

B:  Retrospectively looking back on it, you can see a sort of long-term strategy that extends over a number of generations even though one couldn’t see the wood for the trees at the time.

W:  That’s the nature of people — really. You know, we just live our own lives with those of our families and those close to us and do the best we can.  It’s not very often that we stick our heads above the parapet and have a good look around to see what’s really happening. We’re not very good at doing that, I’m afraid.

I’m a good example. I’ve been involved in so many things, I’ve just got my head down and just got on with what I was doing, ignoring what was going on, possibly subconsciously denying what was happening until I really had to say something about it.

B:  Yes. Just on a personal note, it must be quite hard living with this personal experience that you’ve had of being party to these conversations and knowing that this isn’t just some fantasy because you heard these people talking about this, laughing about it.

W:  Well, it was quite informal. I mean, they were very comfortable talking about this.

How can I describe the people who I’m talking about better? The people who I’m talking about are people who exude power. They elicit fear.  They demand obedience and by God do they get it! And by the way they talk they’re dictating to the so-called elected governments that we’ve got in Parliament or in Washington or in Berlin or in Paris. These people exude that kind of power, and beyond that what can I say?

I’m sure other people have come across characters like that in their lives. There’s not a compassionate bone in their body. They do not resonate any spiritual warmth whatsoever. They’re cold, they’re calculating. To use a phrase that’s common here, “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth”.

B:  A lot of people out there speculate that at some level, maybe not at the level of the people who you were meeting with in the room, but at some level, in this behind-the-scenes government that is orchestrating this entire plan, lies a non-human intelligence.

And one of the arguments for that is that it takes an enormous amount of long-term thinking, strategic cunning, to plan going over many generations, which is the result of an extremely high intelligence just to play this chess game on such an enormous scale. So some people, myself included, suggest that this must be a non-human intelligence that’s behind this.

W:  Yes. And my perception is that this intelligence is incredibly logical, without any empathy, without any love, care, understanding or compassion. They’re cold and calculating and logical beyond any logic that we could muster normally. They go well beyond that — they’re such supremely intelligent people. These are people who can produce answers to really difficult questions without blinking an eye. They are very, very bright people, but bright only in the sense that their logic is extraordinary.

B:  What can ordinary people do? How should they react? How should they think? Do you personally feel that this is inevitable? Do you think we’re all doomed in some way?

W:  No, absolutely not. I’ve often thought about this, Bill, and this of course is a personal view: We will endure. But to endure, from one person to the next, is not to work for them anymore. It’s to stop working for them. It’s not to react violently against them because they’ll win. They would love that to happen, then it gives them an excuse. They breed on fear and violence — the reaction from fear. That would be like bees to honey for them. They would love that to happen.

What’s needed is non-violent reaction: simply just not doing the job for them any more. To give a comparison, Bill. There was a man who history has largely ignored. He was a Frenchman, by the name of Jean Jaurès. It’s always surprised me why this incredible character has never entered the history books. He’s quite well known in France in some circles, but not widely known.

He predicted the First World War happening. He wanted the International Workers’ Movement to not comply with the royal families and aristocracy, and when you read about him you’ll find this out yourself. Just a couple of months before the outbreak, when the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand took place in Serbia, Jaurès was assassinated in a French café. They killed him. He was shot dead, and with him went that movement.

Prior to World War One, he saw the writing on the wall. He saw the aristocracies and the royal families of Europe pitting themselves against one another, in a big battle.  He knew that France and Germany, the United Kingdom were all industrialized nations. He further realized that being industrialized, the next war will be an industrial war where millions of people might be killed.

He formed a movement which some have termed as communist. It was the International Workers’ Movement, and it’s got nothing to do with politics. His idea was for the ordinary person not to do anything, not to go to war, just stay at home and they wouldn’t have the war they wanted.

I personally believe that if non-violence is adopted and people become more awake to what’s happening, then these people very, very quickly lose the power that they’ve got. They feed on power. They feed on fear. So if you take these elements away from them they become powerless.  They need us to do what they’re doing. They can’t do it on their own even though they’ll be damn dangerous in any event, but they can’t do it all on their own.

And that would be my message is just to wake up a bit, see what’s happening about us, put our heads above the parapet and without fearing to do that, without feeling afraid, take a deep breath, have a look around, see what’s happening, and then people will soon realize: Oh yeah. Okay. This is where we’re gonna go. This is where we’re heading and there’s not much I can do about it. But they can!

As I’ve said, it’s not to react violently. And if people are in positions where these people need them, just don’t work for them. Just stop working for them. Take your labor away because they need the troops who are going to do this work. We’re not just talking about people in the military. We’re talking about every civilian member in all the populations right across the globe. Just say: No, because this is not us. This is not what we want to do.
And it’s making that choice. It sounds ridiculously simple. I think the execution of it is that simple and it’s well within our power as human beings, conscious living, breathing, human beings who have a shared compassion for one another to do that. Because if we don’t, they’ll carry on and then they’ll realize their endgame.

B:  Do you think, from your own military experience, that there are enough people in the military who are saying: You know what? I didn’t sign up for this. I’m not going to do this. Or do you think that they’ll buy into all the justifications that are being set up at the moment?

W:  Well, by and large the Western military is not a conscripted army. It’s a professional army, and it prides itself on its professionalism. It prides itself on acting on behalf of the people who elected the government who sent them out to do the job that they’re doing. It’s a very difficult question to answer. And of course, these troops are superbly trained and they believe, they wholly believe, as I did when I was in the military, that you’re doing the job for all the right reasons.

If it became clear to people who are in such professions — this is not just the military; we’re talking about the emergency services, the police, all those who’ve made their way into the security industry, we’re talking about all these people. If enough voices were heard, then those in the military who have not achieved any significant rank, who have no particular stake in the game, will then wake up themselves just as soon as anybody else.

But it’s got to be borne in mind that the Western powers have professional military services, and it’s a difficult thing to do to make it clear and let these guys and girls know that they’re not fighting the right people.

B:  Sure. Let me ask a different question. Was there reference to “safe or safer places to be”? Physically, I mean.

W:  No. None at all.

B:  Nothing like the southern hemisphere is okay, the northern hemisphere is going to be a problem? Nothing like that?

W:  No, not at that meeting. That wasn’t mentioned at all.

B:  Okay. Another question I’d like to ask you, and it’s a fascinating one to debate among people who are tuned in to this whole area, is a personal one: why do you feel that the benevolent ETs, and I’m sure that they exist, why do you think that they don’t step in to say: Okay, guys, normally we’re hands-off, but this is getting serious here and we’re not going to allow this to happen. Is that possible? Why do they maintain such a distance?

W:  Well, first things first. “These benevolent ETs” — I don’t actually like calling them “ETs”… I believe that these people are us and we are them.

B:  Yes.

W:  They’ve been around for a lot longer than the regime that’s in power at the moment. This present regime, this power-based regime, some have called them reptilians, and I’ve got no problem at all calling them that because that’s exactly what they’re like — totally cold-hearted. They’ve been around much, much longer and they’re the ones who have really made humanity what it is today.

Interventions? I believe they’ve been intervening in the best ways that they can. But we’re talking about very spiritually evolved beings, as the human race is very spiritually evolved — maybe that’s why we come back here so often, back to this planet.

But for these people who are us and we are them, as I mentioned, they don’t see time the same way that we understand time here within the physical world. For them, 11,500 years ago was a blink of an eye. It was nothing, and they already know what the endgame is going to be. They believe, as I believe, that this regime that’s in power at the moment who wish this total dominance over the Earth and everything that’s in it, are not going to win. They’re having their time now and their time is about to end.

B:  On what basis do you feel that? This is very important for people reading this transcript because some people will be feeling numbed and shocked at the information that you’ve presented, thinking: Oh God, we’re really stitched up here.

W:  Yes, I think if you take it from the purely physical point of view. It doesn’t mean that we’ve all got suicidal minds or something like that. We all want our lives; we all cherish our lives; everybody does. We love our lives and we want to experience them fully in all ways, in the best way we possibly can.

We’re currently being prevented from doing so because of this regime, which is based in fear; it’s all about fear. And the greatest fear that we’ve got physically is fear of death, and that’s part of the greatest power that they’ve got over us, is this type of fear, this anxiety that they can raise or lower — which they’re doing all the time.

I can’t think of a moment when this hasn’t happened, when this fear doesn’t come out and then we react to it the way that we do. It seems perfectly natural. But what happens when we don’t, stop feeling this and say: Well, it’s only fear. We can get over this, then that’s tapping into who we really are.

I don’t yet believe there are enough people around at the moment who know who they are. They define themselves by their own physical existence, which is all fear-based, and it’s cyclical, and they just can’t get out of it. And obviously they need to find their way out of it.

I believe, personally, that come this shift — I call it a shift because that’s what I believe is going to happen; the Earth’s crust is going to shift round about 30 degrees, about 1700 to 2000 miles southwards, and it will cause a huge upheaval, effects of which will last for a very long time to come. But the human race isn’t going to die off. We’re still going to be here. It’s who we are at the end of that — is where my mind is. And as for this regime, that’s where their mind is. This is why they’re doing what they’re doing because they want to be in control at the end of it.

Now, if we’re talking about intervention, this is when there will be an intervention by the “benevolent ETs.” The people who are really us, this is when it may happen, but I don’t know. I’ve got a strong intuitive feeling it will, but at the moment the situation that we have right now is not conducive for that type of intervention. Not right now.

They don’t feel it’s the right time. And in any event, physical life is only a very, very small part of who we really are, so how much importance do you place on that, knowing that when you walk from this door into the next door, you’re back home anyway?

So all that’s got to be taken into consideration, and I’m sure there’s people out there who could articulate this far better than I’m articulating this right now. I can only articulate this from a very personal point of view and that’s what I feel intuitively might happen. And I say might knowing full well that I can be certain within my own self that that sort of thing will happen, and it’s just the pain that we have to go through of reaching that point where this regime will no longer have the power that they’ve got.

People wakening up, finding out what’s going on around them and really having a good look, and raising their conscious levels as they’ve never done before, and then everything will click into place quite quickly. And when it does, the power that these people have will just fall off them like a towel, you know, just fall right off them, and they’ll be exposed for what they are.

B:  That’s a very inspiring thought. Do you feel personally that… Let me specify a number of alternatives: That the whole war might not happen at all; that the whole thing will just fall apart? Or that all of this will fall apart after the war but before the cataclysm? Or that all of this will fall apart after the cataclysm and that the Meek will inherit the Earth, let’s say?

W:  Yes. This is an extremely good question. Let’s consider two things: the first thing is the sheer determination on the part of this regime, for want of a better word, the sheer determination that they have to have this done. They’re desperate. They’re going full-out for this to happen. They’re creating the scenarios, the in, the out. It’s relentless; it’s non-stop; there’s no breathing space. And when there is breathing space, I mean, when people start to relax about things, something else will pop up to keep us within that grip of fear that they’ve generated.

That is a hugely powerful force that they have, massively powerful, and it should never be underestimated. It’s the sort of thing that drives good, honest people around the bend, putting people early into their graves through stress and anxiety. It’s coming away from that and seeing it for what it is.

If there’s enough people who can raise the levels of awareness and just see what’s happening, then everybody else will bring their heads up. I think it only needs one or two people to put their head up and just say: Yep. All’s clear, and everybody else will come up. Then you’ll see them all around the world, in various countries, just a new feeling, a better feeling than what we’ve had before, and that’s all about individuals empowering themselves by acknowledging who they really are.

And it’s nothing mystical. It’s nothing deeply cultish or anything like that. It’s got very little to do with religion. It’s all about the human spirit and the consciousness which we live through and that we all share and knowing that consciousness is undoubtedly shared by all of us — but is presently suppressed. And we have to get past those suppressive forces in order to realize who we are. When that happens — all else will follow quite naturally and that regime, dangerous as they are — I can’t emphasize this too much: These are damn dangerous people, extremely dangerous — their power will go.

B:  This is extremely close to what David Icke talks about. It’s extremely close to what Dr. Bill Deagle talks about, and to what we’ve talked about a number of times.

W:  Yes.

B:  That there’s a rise in consciousness going on on the planet, but they’re desperately trying to close the lid and to accelerate their own plans so that they can put in place the iron fist of control. Things may get worse before they get better, but they’re not going to win out in the end because consciousness transcends all the force and all the military might and all the strategic planning that they could put into place. And it’s a question of that collective consciousness continuing to expand, as it seems to be.

And this interview here that we’re doing needs to play a part in that. Because it’s not about scaring people witless and having them all hide in bunkers with emergency food. It’s actually about saying: Listen, it doesn’t have to be like this if we can be as big as we are, and as brave as we can be, and as strong as we can be, and realize who we really are. And if enough of us do that, then this just isn’t going to roll out like that.

W:  That’s right. I’m coming out saying exactly this. I realize I’m not saying anything that’s unique at all, but as you’re indicating, it’s got to be repeated. People have got to be aware that there’s hope, and things need not be the way they are. They never needed to be the way they are. It can be far, far better.

It’s getting over the fear; it’s this fear that people need to get over. We don’t have to be psychiatrists or psychologists or anything like that — they only deal with the mind. We don’t have to be religious leaders or great spiritual thinkers to be aware of this, because we all have it within us. It’s inherent within us. So it’s a matter of looking into oneself and then becoming comfortable with who you are; then you’ll have a knowing of what’s going on and know that it’s wrong. And everybody else… it will just spread.

Even those who’ve been indoctrinated into this regime of fear will not be able to resist it because to do so is just resisting themselves and who they really are. And it’s a wonderful thing; it’s what this universe is all about and what this whole experience is all about. And it will make these periods, these last so many thousands of years, be just… not even a bad memory… just like: Hm! Well, we’ve learnt from that. Okay? And we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again, and that these kind of characters who can produce this kind of fear, you know, don’t ever get a power base here again.

So, yes, I think those days are coming and if it does happen in time; and ‘time’ is one of those words that you use very carefully because this regime is very time-based, where the human consciousness isn’t really concerned with time so much, but they definitely are because of the physical nature of the Earth. It does things at certain times. You know, we have seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. The shift that’s coming is just like another season.

What’s going to happen is geophysical change; it’s another season, and a very aware humanity could most possibly take this in their stride and come out the other end of it very well indeed.

I know you mentioned about safe places for people to go. I really don’t know. But from a personal point of view, I know where I should be, and where I should be is where I am right now. Whether it’s safe or not is immaterial; it’s where I should be right now, and I feel comfortable with that.

B:  Yes. When people ask us that question about where they should be, we always reflect it back and point out that the answer is going to be different for every individual, based upon things that no one else apart from them can really know.

Some people may need to stay put; some people may need to travel, but the reason for that might be because they’ve got somebody to meet and something to do in some other location. It really depends on so many factors, not just a question of: what’s objectively safe and where should we hide? It’s got more to do with: how can we best deploy all of the abilities that we have here and now to do whatever it is that we’re here to do? And that’s going to be individual to everybody.

W:  Absolutely. It is. I think the more aware that people become, the fear factor goes. We don’t live in that fear, so what you previously feared may no longer be a fear for that individual or for that group of people, for that matter. It just won’t be there.

That’s not to say there won’t be any concerns, there won’t be any pain or things like that; of course there will. But on top of all that, the fears that we currently experience, the physical fears of the uncertainties and the unpredictable nature of things, will be gone — they’ll just go. We’ll be left being the people who we are, and I think the human race as a whole is pretty damn wonderful.

B:  Yes. That’s a wonderful thing for people to take with them, something that we’ve often mentioned. There’s a wonderful movie. It goes back to 1984, a Jeff Bridges movie called Starman. The starman is an alien visitor who’s here for peaceful purposes, trying to understand the human race because he’s got caught up in a strange situation. And he’s trying to get back home.

Towards the end of the movie he says: Would you like to know what I find beautiful about your species? You are at your best when things are at their worst.

I’ve never forgotten that line. It’s got to do the with the fact that what’s marvelous about the human race is the ability to transcend problems and reach deep within themselves to produce the very best out of themselves in the worst situations. And of course, in the military that kind of situation is almost a tradition, that under extraordinary pressure you have people behaving with incredible heroism, and it’s that response to pressure that makes us wonderful.

W:  Yes, it’s more noticeable in the military because that gets reported out. Human consciousness and how we exist through this physical world is extremely resilient. A good point to consider is that we may think sometimes we’ve got a deadlock in ethical thinking about some things, but we don’t really. Things simply differ from one person to the next which I think is another wonderful thing because it can keep conversations going for ever and ever, which is fantastic.  The dialog we have helps us to understand ourselves so much better.

But it transcends deadlock, I think. It goes beyond that. It goes beyond what we know to be ethically right and so forth. It takes it to a different level when these things happen, when our resilience is tested to this extreme. We’re all capable of doing very wonderful things and it looks likely, very likely, that we’re on the cusp of where that resilience is going to be tested to the extreme.

I’m going to emphasize again that we’re playing against very dangerous people, extremely dangerous people, incredibly powerful people. And I know from my own experience that not many people have had first-hand experience with that type of power and how it exudes, and how it affects one’s person… it can make you very, very sick, make you ill to the point of breakdown. Or you join in with them, become subservient and be sycophantic to everything that they want to do, because the people who do work for them and do their bidding — and there’s quite a large number of them — are incredibly obedient and incredibly servile. They’re not what you call “free spirits” at all. You know, they’ve been taken in, taken in by them.

Maybe that’s something that people should begin to be aware of, of the kind of power that they hold at the moment, and I don’t think that’s been fully grasped yet. People are trying to see in between the margins to find out what’s going on and getting snippets of information, and those snippets are going to be very, very important.

But to act against them in any way, it can be quite disastrous. I’ve had that experience and I think many, many other people have too. So this is maybe why we should tell exactly who they are, should announce ourselves and be fearless about it. It’s because of that fear… that’s at the base of all that still exists.

B:  Something that we spoke about earlier when we had a conversation a few days ago was there’s a supreme arrogance in these people, which you’ve experienced at first-hand, which George Green described when we first met and talked to him about a year and three-quarters ago. He said: They think they’ve won. They’re not worried about anything any more. They’re not trying to silence all the alternative media. Not really, you know. It’s not going to make any difference. What difference is a couple of voices going to make? The plan’s still going to roll out. It’s not going to make any difference at all, they believe, what you or I might say.

W:  Well I go along with what George Green said. He’s painted a far better picture than I could, because that’s exactly what it’s like. They are incredibly arrogant. Along with their other attributes that they have, there is that arrogance there. It’s quite tangible. Yes. And they’re just comfortable about what they’re doing, totally comfortable. They’re not hiding around and sneaking about. I mean, these are quite open people, some of them, public figures.

B:  Okay. Now, is there anything that we missed? Is there anything that you wanted to say but didn’t have a chance to fully enlarge on? Is there anything you want to add that I haven’t even asked you about?

W:  There’s still such a story to tell, I think, because I’m very aware that people need to see a decent level of credibility in what I’ve been describing to you, and I guess that’s always a difficulty. But all I can really say is I’ve been aware of this timeline since the early ’70s, too young to understand what it was at the time. In fact it seemed to me quite an exciting thing that was going on, and that was the first time I ever heard of the existence of the “Anglo Saxon Mission.”

And details of what I know, I feel if I started mentioning names in particular and what was mentioned and where I was at the time, might compromise the Official Secrets Act, which I’m still party to in so many aspects. I say the military. Where it’s in a civilian environment, then no; I feel happy talking about that.

I wish there was a way that I could describe other events, which you’re aware of, and do so in a manner that would allow people to understand me far better than I’ve explained here. Then they’d see exactly where I’m coming from, where I’ve been, and what I’ve been through. I feel that then people could rationalize what’s been said far better.

But I do feel that what’s been said so far is enough for people, if they so wish, to have a look themselves and uncover a few stones. And if anything of significance does come out of it which other people can corroborate, that would be fantastic. That would be good, because evidence… You know, I know it’s so crucial to do things like this, and there’s no smoking gun as such. There’s only one person reporting something that happened five years ago, principally, but there is a much, much larger story around that which you are aware of, and we need to be extremely careful about where we go with that.

B:  There are many people, of course, who do have access to the same information you do. This is something that is known by thousands of people in finance and the military and politics. It’s widely known. It’s a very small proportion of the world’s population, but it’s still very widely known.

W:  Absolutely. Yes.

B:  And something that we’ve always encouraged, and we say it again here, is that we encourage anyone who has experienced it first-hand or even at second-hand, any aspect of this, to please step forward and know that there’s safety in numbers. Know that the more people who break ranks and have the courage that you have to speak out, the more will be heard, the more will be understood, and the whole thing will be like a gradually rolling snowball. The snowball is rolling. It’s quite small, but it is rolling.

W:  Oh, it is. It is. There’ll come a time where names will be named if there’s enough public support, and we will demand answers from those people.

So when enough fruit from the tree of evidence comes off, then these people can be properly challenged, and then we can see a far different story, you know, emerge from the one that people like myself are giving you. It’ll become more real, far more real. We can do that. We can take people to task.

B:  Okay. All right. This is very, very important. I want to close by saying: thank you for your courage, and thank you for your spirit.

W:  Thank you very much, too, Bill.


[ Click here for the video presentation ]


The 'dawn of a new day' codex - II

The ‘dawn of a new day’ codex – II


The 'dawn of a new day' codex

Ten years after…



Historians state that the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” refers to the expansion of Christianity in the 8th century. As if the genocide that implied such an “evangelization” wouldn’t have been enough, these days the term acquires an even more sinister meaning.

On February 16, 2010, someone who was physically present at a meeting of Freemason masters in the City of London in 2005 delivered first-hand information to the administrator of the famous ‘Project Camelot’ website, Bill Ryan, regarding what was discussed in that meeting.

Today February 16, 2020, precisely ten years later, in concordance with the events that have been happening in China so as in other places of the world… it’s not a bad time to remember what Bill Ryan and his partner Kerry Cassidy aired then, regarding the confessions of that alleged high-grade mason.


Ten years after…  the Anglosaxon mission – [ Source: Project Camelot; february 2010 ]-

[ Text fully imported from the Project Avalon website (formerly Project Camelot) ]


In January 2010, Project Camelot received eleven pages of information from an insider who was physically present at a meeting of Senior Masons in the City of London in 2005. What was discussed is chilling to the bone.


-The Anglo-Saxon mission, explained by Bill Ryan: A Project Avalon video published initially at February 16, 2010. Imported from Bill Ryan’s YouTube channel: ‘AlphaZebra‘- An introduction to the interview in which the allegedly Judeo-Christian last “great crusade” against the world and in pursuit of the prevalence of the white race would be exposed.

[ Instrumental guitar music ‘Imagine’ of John Lennon; interpreted by Mark Knopfler and Chet Atkins. ]


The Anglo-Saxon Mission: the Third World War and the Inheritance of the New World

Historians tell us that the “Anglo-Saxon Mission” refers to the spread of Christianity in the 8th century. But over a thousand years later, there is now another, far more sinister meaning to the phrase.

We recently received eleven pages of information from an insider who was physically present at a meeting of Senior Masons in the City of London in 2005. What was discussed is chilling to the bone.

I (Bill) did an audio interview with our source, an Englishman whose identity we have verified with all details known and confirmed. This man, like many we have spoken with, is no longer able to live with his conscience or to keep this information secret.

My original idea was to release a transcript of the interview, as we have done in the past. But the material it covers is so critical -and, for me, the missing pieces it provided were so important- that I’ve taken the step to present the information on video. The audio transcript with our source, who is not on the video, is available here.


What our source reports is this:

* There is a planned Third World War, which will be nuclear and biological. Our source believes that this is on track to be initiated within the next 18-24 months.

* It is planned to begin with a strike by Israel on Iran. Either Iran or China will be provoked into a nuclear response. After a brief nuclear exchange, there will be a ceasefire. The world will be thrown into fear and chaos – all carefully engineered.

* The extreme state of tension will be used to justify heavy social and military controls in all western first world nations. Plans are already in place for that.

* During the nuclear ceasefire, there is planned to be a covert release of biological weapons. These will initially be targeted against the Chinese. As our source chillingly told us, “China will catch a cold”. Biological warfare will spread further, to the west. Infrastructure will be critically weakened.

* This is intended to be just the beginning. After this, a full nuclear exchange would be triggered: the “real” war, with widespread destruction and loss of life. Our source tells us that the planned population reduction through these combined means is 50%. He heard this figure stated in the meeting.


Abandoned city-(Abandoned city)

Abandoned city-(Abandoned city)


This horrific scenario has been planned for generations. The first two world wars were part of the set-up for this final apocalypse – as is the centralization of financial resources that was precipitated with the equally well-planned financial collapse of October 2008.

As if all this were not enough, our source speculates this is all set against the backdrop of a coming “geophysical event” – the same kind of event as was experienced by our ancestors approximately 11,500 years ago. If this event occurs – not necessarily expected in 2012, but sometime in the next decade – it would destroy civilization as we know it, dwarfing even the effects of a nuclear war.

I asked the question to our source: If there’s an expected catastrophe, then why initiate a Third World War? His answer, for the first time to me, made terrible sense.

The real goal, he explained, is to set up the post-catastrophic world. To ensure that this “New World” [note the term] is the one the controllers want, totalitarian control structures need to be in place when the catastrophe occurs – with an excuse that the populace will accept and demand them. Martial law in the right, carefully chosen countries before the catastrophe occurs will enable the “right” people to survive and prosper in the post-catastrophic world, and the beginning of the next 11,500 year cycle. What may have been carefully planned on a covert global scale, for the last several generations, is nothing less than who will inherit the Earth.


Destroyed city-(Unknown author)

Destroyed city-(Unknown author)


Who are the “right” people? The white caucasians. This may be why the name of this project is The Anglo-Saxon Mission. Hence the justification for the planned genocide of the Chinese people, so that the New World is inherited by “us”, not “them”.

Our source was not informed about the planned fate of the second and third world countries such as those in South America, Africa and Asia. But he presumes that these would be allowed to fend for themselves and probably not survive well – or maybe not at all. The totalitarian military governments of the western, white, people are set to be the inheritors.

This is a plan so evil, so racist, so diabolical, so huge, that it almost defies belief. But it all aligns with what many commentators, researchers and whistleblowing insiders have been identifying for some years now. For me personally, it’s the clearest picture yet of why the world is the way it is, and why the secrets are protected so fiercely: it may be all about racial supremacy. The Fourth Reich is alive and well.

Astonishingly, our source was not pessimistic. He stressed, as do we and many others, that consciousness is awakening rapidly all over the planet and that THESE PLANNED EVENTS ARE NOT INEVITABLE. If ever there was a reason to work closely together to raise awareness of the real threat to us all, this is it.

Watch this video, listen carefully to the strong message of hope and encouragement, and spread it far and wide. We stand for the potential magnificence of a united humanity that knows no racial boundaries or distinctions. Whether or not the catastrophe occurs – and many, including ourselves, maintain that it will not – we must co-create our own future, claim our power, and do whatever we can to alert people to the dangers around us… so that we can be stronger together, for the sake of our descendants and for the heritage of all living beings on Planet Earth.


Original transcript of the subsequent interview with the ‘Anglo-saxon mission’ whistleblower on Project Avalon website


Soldier shooting-(Unknown author)

Soldier shooting-(Unknown author)


The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Bill Ryan’s Presentation – 16 February 2010 (**)

Start of presentation

This is Bill Ryan from Project Camelot and Project Avalon, and the date is the 16th of February, 2010.

This is a bit of an unusual video presentation here, because I’m taking the step of making a video as an interpretation and as a commentary on an audio interview which we did with an important witness who came and reported his story to Project Camelot a little while ago… about a couple of weeks ago.

As with many of our witnesses, this person wanted to remain anonymous, but he has agreed that we transcribe the audio. So we’ve got this as a transcript [ The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Audio Interview ], and this is going to be released at the same time as the video because it’s important to be able to read the transcript at the same time as you’re considering what I’m saying about it here.

As we come into the story, you’re going to understand exactly why it’s important to get all the information: to hold it all into a very fine balance.

Now, this is a British person. He worked in the British military for a number of years, and after he retired from the military, he worked in the City of London in a fairly senior position, in a respected position, in the City of London.

For those people watching this video who don’t know about the City of London: the City of London is like an enclave, it’s like a financial enclave in the heart of London itself. Some people consider it almost a little bit like the Vatican. It’s very old, it’s very ancient. It’s the heart of the financial system, not only of Britain, but possibly the world.



Many researchers consider that it’s very likely that the City of London calls the shots on the financial systems in America. They’ve got control over the Federal Reserve, of the Bank for International Settlements – a whole bunch of things that happen. This is like the nerve center of the financial world. And it’s very Masonic; it’s very ancient; it’s very traditional.



Our source attended a number of meetings with senior Masons, and while many of these were interesting, they were routine by City of London standards – they were discussing financial affairs, and so on and so forth.



And then in June 2005, he attended another meeting that he thought was going to be a routine meeting. But actually, this was something rather unusual – and he realized it was unusual as soon as he arrived.

In fact, in his interview with us, the one which we have the transcript of [ The Anglo-Saxon Mission: Witness Audio Interview ], you will see that he says that he felt it was an accident that he was there. He shouldn’t really have been there, he didn’t know what was happening, and as such, he didn’t really participate in the meeting. He was there a little bit as a fly on the wall. He was just listening to what was happening, and at first he didn’t even understand what was being discussed.

Now, the people there were Masons. There were senior Masons. They were about 25 or 30 people there, including senior politicians who most people in the UK would recognize by name. I do not know who they were. He didn’t name them, and I didn’t ask for them. But he said: These are well known names.

The Chief of Police was there, representatives from the Church, representatives from the military – 25 or 30 people.


-The ‘Anglo-Saxon Mission’ related to the global depopulation plan contained in the 2030 Agenda derived from the papal bull ‘Laudato si’; a video imported from the researcher’s channel ‘Jorge Guerra‘ .-


And as he listened to this story being discussed… It was an informal meeting. It wasn’t like a big table with note pads and water glasses and minutes and an agenda and a chairman. There were just people in a room who were talking about all of this stuff.

What they were talking about was a plan that had clearly been made a long time ago. And what they were discussing was they were discussing the implementation of this plan. They were discussing how things were going, whether they were on track or not.

For example, to give a flavor of this, they were discussing between them some of the problems that they had in the implementation of their plan, and as this little presentation continues here, you will realize what the plan was. I’m going to be revealing this in very much the same way as it was revealed to our witness and as he revealed it to me – bit by bit, step by step.

The first thing that he heard was they were talking about the fact that Israel didn’t look as if it was getting prepared to attack Iran anytime soon. This was a problem.

Even back in June 2005, they were apparently concerned that what it was that was planned on some kind of a timeline wasn’t rolling out according to schedule, and this was an issue for them.

So that attracted his attention very quickly because he’d never been in a meeting when this kind of thing was discussed.


Destroyed city-(Unknown author)

Destroyed city-(Unknown author)


Then they were talking about China, and how powerful China was getting, both militarily and financially, very quickly, and that the Japanese weren’t doing what they were supposed to do, which was to interfere in some way with the Chinese financial system. They weren’t doing that, and this was another problem, because China was getting too strong, too quickly.

Other things that were discussed were, for example, the coming financial crash, the centralization of resources – everything that we saw starting to happen in October 2008. They were planning that and referring to it in their meeting in June 2005. So there was clearly a rollout of some plan here.

He was quite shocked, the more that he heard, and when he really realized what was happening he was extremely shocked.

One of the reasons why I’m giving this video presentation now is to soften the blow and interpret this a little tiny bit, because it’s shocking information. And what I also want to do is I want to try and differentiate out between what it was that he reported because he’d heard it with his own ears and what it is that is his speculation, and my speculation about how all this fits together.


Destroyed city sunset-(Unknown author)

Destroyed city sunset-(Unknown author)


It’s very important information. We need to know this stuff, even though it doesn’t look like it’s going to be on track. I don’t think this will happen. I think that there are a bunch of crazy people there who are extremely determined to do something, and they were in a hurry –and this is important to understand– they were in a rush to try and roll out this sequence of events.

Now, what he described is what the sequence of events was.

It starts with Israel attacking Iran. Now, this hasn’t happened yet. There have been a number of indications that there are forces which are trying to push this into happening. You’ve only got to follow the news for the last two years to realize that the public is being prepared for a justification for this kind of thing. Iran is being set up as being the bad guys that deserve something to happen to them, and so on and so forth.

Now, that’s going to be the start of what is like the opening gambit in a big chess game. The plan is to provoke Iran, or China, to retaliate. Our guy, our source, who is a military man, is privately as convinced as he can be –although this has never been made public, and this is not publicly known– that Iran does have nuclear weapons. He believes that they have been provided by China, behind the scenes.

And all of this is intended, because it’s all right with these controlling forces that Iran has nuclear weapons because they want them to be used. The plan is for either Iran or for China to retaliate after Iran is struck with a nuclear weapon.

At that point, there will be a limited nuclear exchange in the Middle East, followed by a ceasefire.

He heard this being planned in this meeting. This is being choreographed. It’s like the script for a movie. This is exactly what’s intended to happen.

And during this time, the other thing that’s being set up for this… and many people watching this will be aware that this is being set up in the background. We’ve had a lot of information about this from a number of good researchers from many countries who are reporting this on the internet, that things are being set up in many of the Western countries for there to be heavy controls over populations: martial law, increased powers on security forces who are not just the Army or the police.


Destroyed city ruins-(Unknown author)

Destroyed city ruins-(Unknown author)


In Britain, for example, our source said that he knew, he absolutely knew personally for a fact, that a very large number of private security people, their powers were being increased to give them the ability to arrest people, the ability to detain, the ability to handle riots in streets. And here we’re talking about just regular people working in private security, people who give the parking tickets on the streets. Their powers are being increased in the same way.

And last year we heard President Obama talking about how he wanted to have a sort of National Guard at home in America, ready to handle this kind of thing. There are a lot of indicators that this is being set up.

And in this rollout of this crazy scenario, where it is intended that there will be a limited nuclear exchange in the Middle East, the idea is that, as the world looks upon this with horror, then they will demand from their governments that there are heavy controls over travel, over communication, over people who meet, over people who protest in the streets.

They want to make sure that they don’t have crazy bombers on airplanes, crazy bombers in the shopping malls – they’ll want to make sure. And because people will be driven into fear by this, they’ll request and demand and insist on heavy controls from their governments, which will be justified. And this is where you’re going to get the martial law situation in all the Western countries. It’s intended as a justification.

All of this is just the start of something, because this story gets much bigger, and it’s pretty horrifying.


–The global depopulation calendar foreseen in the UN 2030 Agenda, based on the papal bull ‘Laudato si’; possible chapters of the so-called ‘Anglo-Saxon Mission’-


If watching this now you’re feeling a little bit shocked, this is how I was feeling when I heard this information, and this is how our source was feeling when he was hearing this information in this meeting – because this is just the beginning.

Now, during the time of the ceasefire, everyone’s shocked, everyone’s frightened, everyone’s really terrified about where this is going to go. There are all kinds of heavy controls over populations everywhere.

And then the next thing that happens in this chess game that’s being played is that biological weapons are released on China. He heard this being discussed in this meeting.

They will release a flu-like virus that will be genetically targeted against the Chinese population. It’s racially targeted against the Chinese people. It’s designed to spread like wildfire and to knock out a large number of the Chinese people. And these people in this meeting were laughing about this.

They said: China will catch a cold. Those were their words: China will catch a cold. And they were laughing about the fact that these biological weapons will wreak havoc among the Chinese population.

After that, then what effectively will be a kind of plague will actually spread right across the world to the West as well. Our source was not clear whether this was a Chinese retaliation, or whether the thing would just spread out of control in the way that it would be very understandable if it did, whether it’s racially targeted or not. These things actually mutate.

So now you’ve got a situation where there’s been a limited nuclear war in the Middle East; there’s a pandemic that really is sweeping across the world and really is killing people, very visibly; and you’ve got this totalitarian military lockdown in all the governments in the Western world, because everyone’s going to be in a panic about all of this.

And then, he said, then the real war starts – something that would be justifiably called the Third World War, with a much more major nuclear exchange.

At this point I asked him: Is this just about population reduction? What is this about? Why are they doing this? Why this insane ‘Dr. Strangelove‘ plan for just unleashing all of this stuff on the world? Why do it?

As our conversation went on, I started to find answers to those questions. Now, some of this is speculation, and I want to share this speculation with you because it’s important enough that we work together here to figure out what’s going on. There are some clues; there are some very important clues that I’m going to present to you here in this video.

He said: Absolutely, it’s about population reduction.

So, I said: Well, in this meeting, did they mention any figures?

And he said: Yes, they did. Fifty percent.

Half the world’s population. This is planned, as per the Georgia Guidestones.



For those of you who don’t know what the The Georgia Guidestones are, it’s a stone monument in Georgia, in America, [Ed note: Elberton, Georgia] that was erected anonymously a number of years ago. It’s in eight languages, and it’s like an Illuminati manifesto for a “new world”, as it were. And just hold that thought about this being a manifesto for a new world. This is an important concept here in what I’m presenting.

One of the key parts of this manifesto for this new world is that there should be a population of 500 million people. Now, 500 million people is an enormous reduction from the nearly 7 billion that we’ve got at the moment. That’s pretty much 95% of people who would no longer be on this planet. And 50% is a step towards that, and there’s a reason why they’re doing all of this. There’s a reason why they’re in a hurry. There’s a reason for this insanity.

And when he was explaining this, then he said that they have a name for this plan. This project has got a name. And I said: Well, what is this name?

He said: It is called the “Anglo-Saxon Mission”.

The Anglo-Saxon Mission. Now, I’d heard that before. It was something historical, I think, to do with the Crusades quite a long time ago. But I hadn’t heard it in a present-day context, and neither had he. And later on, as he continued to tell his story, I began to understand what I thought this might be about – hence the title of this video and the reason why I want to share this information with you, because we need to work together to figure out what’s going on here. It’s extremely important to understand.

There’s a plan, I believe, that Hitler would be proud of, which is so evil, it’s so Machiavellian; it’s so hard to face up to. It’s so unbelievable that I need to put it on the table for you, so that you can consider whether or not this might be a possibility.

The plans that I’ve been describing are definitely a possibility, because he heard them with his own ears in this meeting, everything I’ve described up until now, up to and including the major outbreak, a major outbreak of hostilities, after the “limited war”.

So the sequence is as follows… the planned sequence is as follows: Israel attacks Iran, then there’s a ceasefire during which time there is heavy governmental military controls over populations in all Western countries. Then China is attacked by a biological weapon. It’s a flu-like disease, it spreads like wildfire, this goes all over the world, and then they have a major Third World War.


Little boy in ruin city. Forsaken (Jonasdero)

Little boy in ruin city. Forsaken (Jonasdero)


And then, by this time, 50% of the population will be destroyed, not only because of the war or the plague, but because, as many of you watching this will understand, the infrastructure goes down in situations like this: There’s no food in the supermarkets, there’s no gas in the pumps, the telecommunication goes down, there may not even be water coming out of the taps.

People are kind of thrown back into a Victorian era without the facilities to handle this, because most people don’t have their vegetable gardens. They don’t have their horse and cart. They’re not able to survive in the way that we used to be able to.

We’re very, very vulnerable in our technological advancement. We’re extremely vulnerable. And of course the Controllers know this.

At this stage, our source was speculating about… Why are they in a hurry? Why do they want to do this?

And there’s a sort of heavy irony here, which is… like I was saying: Well, if you’re going to plan the Third World War, then why not take your time over it and get it right, and do a really good job? You know, this could be in 20 years’ time or 30 years’ time, it doesn’t really matter. Why are they in such a rush?

And our source said that he felt, from inside information he’s continued to receive, that this is still timed for something around 18 months from now, and that puts it right about the middle of 2011.

He doesn’t know this for sure because these events aren’t calendar-driven; they’re actually event-sequence-driven. In other words, this has got to happen before that happens, and then after that the next thing can happen, and then after that the next thing can happen. So a whole lot of things have got to be in place before all the dominoes fall over, so to speak, and they seem to be behind schedule in some of this.

There are some planned events that definitely haven’t happened. One of the things which I remembered when I was hearing this story was that our source ‘Henry Deacon’.


-Project Camelot – Alfred Webre, Bob Dean, Henry Deacon Part. 01 – 06 (Sub. Spanish) – From ‘TheSublime2012‘ YouTube channel-


Many of you who’ve watched Project Camelot videos and read their reports for the last three years will know that when we met Henry Deacon in 2006, he said that in his own inside information was that there would be a war against China in 2008. And that didn’t happen.

And all this time… at that time it didn’t make any sense, and even now it didn’t make any sense. It’s like: Well, all right, but why do this? Why do this? Why do this?

Now, this was his [our source’s] answer… And our source is a pretty smart guy. He’s been in the military. It’s a totally different story that he didn’t debrief in our audio transcript –which you have the opportunity to read– but he’s had his own ET experiences in the military; he’s got his own sources of information about some of the background for this.

He says that he’s as sure as he can be that the people who are calling the shots in the world –you can call them the ‘Illuminati’, the Controllers, the Cabal, whatever name you have for them– they believe that there is going to be what he called “a geophysical event”, a major geophysical event. He says that the best information that he’s got is that the insiders believe that this is going to happen, or they are concerned that this is going to happen.

And many of you watching this will know that this isn’t a completely crazy idea. There have been trillions of dollars that have been spent on deep underground bases for some reason, which we don’t know why it is.



You all know about the Seed Bank in Svalbard –this is in the public domain– where all the seeds of all the plants and all the crops in the world have been buried deep inside a granite vault in northern Norway. There are many precautions being taken as if something might happen that could really threaten some of these valuable resources, including the seed banks of the world.



Now, if there is going to be a geophysical event, as they believe, this is because it seems to be preserved Illuminati inside knowledge, whether it’s true or not, that there are repeated, cyclical geophysical events about every 11,500 years.

Information about what really happened to Atlantis was very probably in the Great Library of Alexandria that burnt down a couple of thousand years ago. There are persistent rumors that much of that information has been retrieved and it’s in the Vatican Library.

This is information which is not in the public domain and which the insiders may have access to. Whether it’s accurate or not, the important thing is to realize that they probably believe that this will happen, and they’re making their precautions. And this might be the justification for this insanity that we’ve just heard about in this plan.

Consider this:

He said: If there’s going to be a major geophysical event, something like a Pole shift, maybe it’s Planet X, maybe it’s some kind of energetic phenomenon that the Solar System is going to be moving into that’s going to somehow destabilize the Earth or the Earth’s crust in some way… we don’t know.

But if there were to be a major emergency like that, something that would actually make a war look very inconsequential, the thing that will help the human race to survive it, or will help parts of the human race to survive it, is if there is already emergency preparedness in place before it happens.

In other words, if you knew that there was an emergency coming, if you knew, for instance, that there’s a hurricane coming in to hit your city, then you put all the emergency preparedness in place beforehand. You have the troops ready, you have the infrastructure ready, you have the military ready; you have everything that you need ready to handle this situation, so you can respond and react and recover in the best possible way.

Our source suggests that the reason for this whole Third World War scenario is that then the Western governments, with the Chinese out of the way, will be in a state of such totalitarian control of their own population that they will be best-equipped to recover and rebuild the “new world” after a cataclysm. And he thinks that this is what’s happening.

And I have to tell you that this terrible logic makes sense to me, that they would think that way. I’m not for a moment agreeing that this will happen. I think this is wild, crazy stuff, but if they believe that it’s going to happen, then this could be their justification for this kind of plan that we’ve heard about is really being discussed.

This, now, is my own speculation right now, which also makes sense to me, and I invite your comments and your thoughts about this. We need to work together to figure out what’s happening here.


Ruined cityscape-(Phantom chicken)

Ruined cityscape-(Phantom chicken)


It is called the Anglo-Saxon Mission. What that told me was that the reason for the name is because this is a white racist agenda for the inheriting of the new Earth. It’s a plan that Hitler would be proud of.

If they think that a new Earth needs to be rebuilt, a “new world” – think of that little phrase there – if a “new world” needs to be rebuilt after a cataclysm, they want the Anglo-Saxons to be doing it. They don’t want the Chinese to be doing it.

They get the Chinese out of the way first, and then the Anglo-Saxons will inherit this “new world,” with the other nations – the Asian nations, the African nations, the South American nations presumably – it is assumed that they won’t have the resources to be able to handle the situation in any kind of a way that gives them the strength to recover after whatever it is that they think is going to occur.

So, there are several other parts of this which also fit. And one of the reasons why this is an important presentation to make personally, it’s my own personal thoughts, because up until now I’ve been following a lot of the well-founded research on these sorts of agendas; we’ve had our own sources of information over the last three years.

But I’ve always had questions in my mind, like: Why would they do this? You know… war against China? Why? Third World War? Why? And suddenly a lot of these things start to make a little bit more sense.

It’s possible, for example, that when we heard from Jordan Maxwell, in our interview with him which we did at the end of last year, 2009, he described to us how he had researched a number of repeating symbols and images that had been used ever since the time of Hitler, and even long before that, about “The Dawn of a New Day.”



There’s something very important in Masonic and Illuminati thinking about The Dawn of a New Day, and here we have, possibly, the reason for their belief… that if you think about the possibility of a cataclysm, if they think this is really going to happen.

The 2012 movie that many of you will have seen… after all of the floods and all of the earthquakes and tsunamis, then you’ve got these big ships sailing across a calm sea with the sun streaming through the clouds, and you’ve got The Dawn of a New Day. And the implication in that movie is that now those people will be able to rebuild the new Earth, because those are the survivors, this is the modern-day Noah’s Ark. It’s possible that The Dawn of the New Day, that it refers to that.

And it even occurred to me –and I’d be interested for other researchers to offer their views on this  that the very term, The New World Order, that we first started to hear about 20 years ago, actually longer ago than that. But the New World might be the post-cataclysmic world – the New World. It might be the Order for the New World after the cataclysm.


Sci Fi destroyed city-(Unknown author)

Sci Fi destroyed city-(Unknown author)


They may be planning who will inherit the new world. It may be nothing less than this. Maybe this is what the New World Order is all about? It really is the order, the plan for The New World that they think is coming. They think this is going to happen.

Now, I say again, it’s very, very important to differentiate out all this information here. I don’t believe this is going to happen at all, but they might be doing something crazy to try and safeguard what they believe is their own interests. This is what we need to be aware of here.

What I want to do is I want to just state really clearly why there are profound reasons for not believing that anything like this is going to happen. There are a lot of things that haven’t happened which were intended to happen.

Many of you will remember, I think it’s the 30th of August, 2007, there was a B-52 bomber that flew halfway across America from Minot Air Force Base to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, with six armed nuclear cruise missiles on its wingtips, something that could never happen by accident.

It was illegal, it should never have happened. You can’t even smuggle a bullet out of the weapons storage area in an Air Force base without there being a whole bunch of signatures and everybody knowing about it, let alone making the “mistake” of loading armed cruise missiles onto a B-52 bomber with nobody noticing it.

There was a reason why that happened, and that was actually prevented from going any further. It stopped at Barksdale in Louisiana. Some very brave airmen blew the whistle on that and they did their job and they reported it up the line. It appeared very, very briefly in the mainstream media and after that it was completely covered over and everyone said it was a mistake. That was no mistake.

There was a reason why they did that, and what many of you don’t know is that at that same time at the end of August, a group of anonymous investors bet $2 billion dollars that the stock market would fall by 50% before the 21st of September 2007. They stood to gain $4.5 billion dollars if their bet had succeeded. These are what is known as Put Options. The insiders in the stock market, they call them “Bin Laden Trades.” It’s a sort of ironic description because of the betting that took place around about 9/11.

Okay, those people lost their bet; it didn’t work. The plan didn’t work. The stock market didn’t fall. The bomber never went any further and for all we know that was intended to be the start of the Third World War. It never happened. Okay?


White House ruins-(V.Game)-(Unknown author)

White House ruins-(V.Game)-(Unknown author)


We heard a few minutes ago, I was describing how Henry Deacon described that the war against China was meant to start in 2008. That didn’t happen. A lot of people thought that that was crazy. A lot of people thought he was crazy… maybe he wasn’t. Maybe he heard something that was a real plan, but they’re two years behind schedule and maybe this will never happen at all.

There are a number of other things that may have been planned and which have never transpired.

It’s very interesting to think about the so-called Mexican flu outbreak, the swine flu outbreak. For the last six to nine months we’ve been looking at a scenario where it looked as if they wanted to roll out a lot of vaccinations, they wanted a lot of people to get ill, they wanted to announce a pandemic. Even now there have been proposals to extend this pandemic declaration for another two years, and nothing’s happening.

In England we call it a “storm in a teacup”; there’s nothing happening here, but maybe something was intended.

Now, if it wasn’t intended, it’s possible that all of that could have been some kind of a test to see how people respond, to see how people react, to see how quickly it spreads, to see what the take-up of the vaccinations will be.

And then, of course, us at Project Camelot and a number of other people who have been activists in this whole area trying to draw attention to this, now we’re all in a database; they know who’s going to stand up and start talking about all of this stuff.

So it might have been an experiment, or it could have been a failed rollout of something.

There’s plenty of reason to believe that things are changing. This is the important thing. Those of you who have been following the work of David Icke –this is an important perspective here– because we support his work fully, inasmuch as he makes a beautiful presentation and he starts off by saying: We are infinite consciousness. There are many ways to put this, but it’s very hard to disagree with that.

We’re immortal godlike beings who long ago have forgotten what our power was. The potential of consciousness is enormous. It’s very important to realize that how powerful we are may be the single most important component in this whole picture that enables us to save the day. This may be what it’s really all about.


Endless cover-(Unknown author)

Endless cover-(Unknown author)


Admiral George Hoover, who died in 1998 –he was in the Office of Naval Intelligence in the US Navy– he talked to researcher Bill Birnes, the editor of UFO Magazine, and Bill Birnes described this conversation with George Hoover to George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM.

What Admiral George Hoover told Bill Birnes was “the biggest secret,” according to what the American Navy had found out… very, very interesting story.

They were talking about the Roswell visitors and Admiral George Hoover said that these visitors were us from the future. They were time-travelers; they weren’t extraterrestrials. Now, other researchers and whistleblowers have spoken about the same thing, and this is fascinating in itself.

But what Admiral George Hoover said “the biggest secret” really was… it had to do with the abilities and the power of the consciousness of these travelers. Because they were us from the future, what the military authorities had found out was what humans are really capable of.

And he said that this had been buttoned up really tight, because if we knew how powerful we really were, how powerful we really could be, then we would, in his own words, cause chaos around us, and this could never be permitted. We could rearrange the reality around us in the way that we wanted to, in the way that – if this is real – that the future humans had learned how to do, which gives them access to these sorts of incredible abilities, such as time-traveling.


Pyramids' skies-(Unknown author)

Pyramids’ skies-(Unknown author)


Philip Corso, in his book ‘The Day After Roswell‘, described in some detail how his understanding was that the way the craft works was they were like an amplification of the pilots’ own consciousness. It was their consciousness. It was their ability to travel and bi-locate that was amplified by the craft, and that actually all of these abilities are basically abilities connected with the consciousness of the beings themselves.

And if they are us… this is the message for all of us here.

We’re being deliberately dumbed down. Our food is being poisoned, our children are being lied to in the schools, we are being fed propaganda in the media, we’re being forced into this tiny, little box. We’re being kept busy with game shows and ballgames, and we are discouraged from really finding out what it is that is our heritage on this planet.

Eric Von Däniken has just published a book which is called ‘History is Wrong‘. There’s so much which we are denied.

George Green describes that we are known as the “useless eaters”, this “surplus population” of billions of people, with a tiny number of people at the top of the heap who are dependent upon us to police each other, and to laugh at each other, and to stop each other from getting out of line because we’re encouraged to conform to how we’re meant to be.

So there’s this straightjacket that there is the opportunity for us to break out of, and it’s this straightjacket which has been deliberately put in place by these very people who have been creating this plan.

Where this plan originates from is very interesting to speculate. Our source told us that this has been in place for a long time. He first heard about the Anglo-Saxon Mission as long ago as 1976. The Illuminati symbolism about ‘The Dawn of the New Day’ has been going on for a long time.


Jordan Maxwell, well-known scholar in the area of ​​occultism, religions, mythology, symbology and secret societies, developing the hidden codex of the ancient symbol that refers to the ‘Dawn of a new day’ .-


Many people think this plan requires such a superhuman level of intelligence and strategic understanding, and is so ruthless, and so cold, that the logic suggests –and David Icke says this, Jordan Maxwell says this, we say this ourselves with full agreement– that this didn’t come from a human source. People aren’t capable of doing this against other people. There’s something else behind this.

We have to think big. We have to think from the highest spiritual viewpoint that we possibly can do, that these people shouldn’t be fought.

What must happen is we just withdraw our consent from these things that are being done to us, from this plan that we are part of. And as I was saying just before, if you’re in the military or the intelligence services, withdraw your consent from this because these plans can’t happen without it.

There’s something about the Illuminati and the way that they’re operating that is very limited. They’re using force; they’re in a box; they’re trying to counter what everybody I know is recognizing and referring to as a huge expansion of consciousness all over the world, an expansion of awareness.

We get emails every day from people, often very young people, who are saying: I can really see what’s happening in the world. Tell me what to do about this, but I’m ready, I’m ready to do something, I’m ready to do whatever it was that I came here for. I don’t know what that is yet, but I know that we’ve got big problems.

Twenty years ago people weren’t saying that kind of thing. There’s a huge rollout of some kind of an expansion of consciousness; it’s a morphic field that’s growing enormously and there’s something that’s changing.

My personal belief is that this is certainly being supported –certainly being supported– by benevolent nonhuman agencies, let me put it this way, who know about this kind of plan. They don’t know whether it’s going to happen or not, but they know it’s being planned.


Man floating grey clouds-(Alexcherry)

Man floating grey clouds-(Alexcherry)


A lot of contactees; there is some channeled information –we need to consider channeled information extremely carefully– but there is channeled information and there are contactee reports that all talk about scenarios like this and how we must be wary, how we must be careful, how we’ve got to guard against it, how we’ve got to insure against it, how we’ve got to be prepared for something like this.

It’s entirely possible that this increase in consciousness is happening in direct response with this escalation of violent forceful plans.

It’s like, as I’ve often said in my own presentations in the past, it’s a little bit like a movie script itself where you’ve got everything building up to a climax, with the forces of evil and the forces of consciousness just kind of getting ready for some kind of final confrontation.

Now, I’m not trying to be Biblical about this, and I know that this situation which I’ve just been describing is a little bit like the Armageddon war, but I do not believe that this kind of thing will actually come about, as I’ve said many times before.

There’s an interview which I did with Freedom Central which you will see on the Camelot site, where I say: The single strongest reason that I have for not believing that anything is fixed, that we’re all doomed, that anything really bad is going to happen – but I think we’ve got a lot of problems to solve – is because I wouldn’t be here, and neither would you watching this now. I would have incarnated on another planet. I would have gone somewhere else. I’m not going to go and sit here in the firing-line with no possible way of escaping.

There’s a job to do here, and many of you watching this will be aware of the fact that we’re here to do jobs. It’s what Dolores Cannon calls volunteers.



We may be here for a reason. We may be here to help catalyze this increase in consciousness, and that’s what’s going to prevent this kind of thing from happening. Because if we do not agree that this is the future that we want, then that’s not what we’re going to experience. We do all co-create our reality. We do all have a part in it, and I profoundly believe that by becoming aware of these plans, this is the way that we avert them.

There’s a difference between prediction and prophecy. These are two words in the English language that are easily confused with each other. Prediction and forecasting is saying: Okay, in three months’ time this is what’s going to happen because this is what the data leads us to conclude logically. That’s all about forecasting and prediction.

A prophet does something different and it’s a word to be used with care because it’s often misused, it’s often misunderstood, and it’s like a Biblical term, and some people react against it for that reason.

But what a prophet always used to do is to say: Listen, if we don’t wake up and if we don’t take action, then this is what’s going to happen.

And the purpose of the prophet giving this prophetic warning is not to warn people that it will happen, but to say: Listen, you’ve got to change something here. You’ve got to change the way you’re doing things. You’ve got to change the way that you’re being. You’ve got to change the way you’re interacting with each other. You’ve got to change your whole attitude.

Whatever it is that you change, then the purpose of the change is so that this prophesied event doesn’t happen.

And so, what we have here is we have a kind of prophesy. It’s not a prediction… and I’m using this word very, very carefully because the reason why I’m making this statement, the reason why we’re releasing this information, is to make sure that this doesn’t happen.

What are we going to do with this information? It’s going to be translated into every language that we can. The video is going to be subtitled in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, every other major language.

I want this video to be picked up by the Chinese. I want this to be escalated up the line. The Chinese are very sensitive about videos that refer to them, especially ones with Chinese subtitles. This will be reported right up the line to Chinese Intelligence, to the Chinese military commanders.

The reason for that is because, first of all, if this is nonsense, it doesn’t matter. Okay? But if this is a really serious threat, then those are the guys who need to know about it, because their first nuclear response –which is designed to be provoked– is the thing that actually sets this whole thing on fire.

So, to any Chinese military commanders who are listening to this: Don’t do it! Okay? None of us must do anything here that is in alignment with their plans.


Abstract woman priest-(Unknown author)

Abstract woman priest-(Unknown author)


There’s a wonderful scene in the Avatar movie that I love so much, which is when the woman helicopter pilot who was ordered to fire her weapons at the big tree [Ed note: The Tree of Souls] … she’s just about to fire, and then she says: I didn’t sign up for this, and then she turns around and she goes home. She’s not going to be part of this.

There are many people in the military who never signed up for anything like this. There are many people in the intelligence services, they never signed up for anything like this. They signed up when they were young, thinking that they were doing the best thing for their country, thinking they were doing the best thing for mankind. They are not all evil at all.

So, as a direct message to those of you in the military and the intelligence services who may be watching this or may have had this brought to their attention: You don’t have to do this stuff just because you were told. You need to support what’s best for the human race.

You don’t need to follow orders if it’s going to lead to the huge destruction here, which is in no one’s interest apart from the controllers who have an agenda of their own.

And that agenda doesn’t feature you and me… that’s for sure.

Okay. So that’s the end of my presentation. I want you to consider this information. I’m not urging you to believe it. I want you to research it. I want you to check it out. I want you to read the transcript carefully, and I want you to see whether this correlates with anything else that you know and understand that has come to your attention.

We’re all working together here; we’re not trying to force you to believe anything at all. We need to be careful about this information, but at the same time if there’s any chance that this is true, if there’s any chance that this is for real, then we have to know about it. Okay?

If you are not sure what it is that you should be doing, then I say the same thing that I always say, which is: Do whatever it is that you came here to do, because most of you watching this video are here for a reason. I do understand that you may not know what the reason is yet, but you’re probably here for a reason. You’re probably watching this video for a reason. Do whatever it is that you came here to do.

This is Bill Ryan, Project Avalon / Project Camelot. It’s the 16th of February, 2010.

Thank you.


Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan


[ Recording of Bill Birnes speaking with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM ]:

George Noory: What we don’t know about the situation at Roswell is whether these were extraterrestrial, whether they came from a hollow Earth, whether they came from another dimension. We don’t know this, right?

Bill Birnes: We don’t. The only clue that I had was from this Naval officer – he was from the Office of Naval intelligence, ONI, called George Hoover; we’ve talked about him before – who said that he was “the Corso of the Navy,” and that the military believed, and he said he knew, that these entities were not so much interplanetary, but they were literally time-travelers.

And the big secret is that they were us from the future and that we and they had the same powers – and that was the real fear of the government, that we have the ability to manipulate reality around us.

We’ve always had that ability, we just didn’t know how to use it, and if we ever learned how to use it and we’re not ready for it, we would cause chaos. And that was the big secret that the Navy eventually found out.


[ Ending music: John Lennon singing ‘Imagine’. ]


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Original transcript of the subsequent interview with the ‘Anglo-saxon mission’ whistleblower on Project Avalon website


The 'dawn of a new day' codex

The ‘dawn of a new day’ codex


Bhikkhu Monk composition

Satori Sōtō


Desde su partida de Tiantong-shan y a medida que avanzaba en su búsqueda más profunda Dōgen fue comprendiendo que casi ninguno de los monjes instruidos en las escuelas de Dahui alcanzaba a rozar realmente el alma esencial del budismo. Empezó a replantearse si tenía algún sentido persistir en la empresa de atisbar algún maestro ciertamente preparado.

El ejercicio más diestro del corazón del zen se basaba en el abandono del envoltorio corpóreo, los sentidos y todos los pensamientos; atento a esto, también había que desligarse de la mente; y esa era la gesta más ardua.

Sentarse frente a cualquier muro o pared no ornamentada y practicar meditación zazen era la única vía para lograr tal pericia. Y aquel logro se podía aspirar a alcanzar en el enclave orignal de su infructuoso periplo de pesquisa; allí de donde había partido anteriormente.


-Zen. Director: Banmei Takahashi (2009)-


Tras retornar a Tiantong-shan y enfrentar la mirada y la presencia de aquel monje, Rujing, ambos, maestro y discípulo encarados, se fundieron en la esencia misma del mensaje y la figura del Buda Siddhartha Gautama, propiciando los mejores vaticinios de progreso. Solo bastó un entrecruce ocular mantenido en el silencio y la atención más abstraída que duró apenas segundos.

Las palabras, protocolos de salutación diplomáticos y el recitar de los sutras se hicieron innecesarios. La transmisión del saber más prístino y genuino tuvo lugar de manera recóndita y espontánea entre los corazones absortos de aquellos dos espíritus quietos, allende todo ejercicio telepático.


Nembutsu Calligraphy

Caligrafía Nembutsu


Pero… ¿cuáles eran en verdad las enseñanzas?:

‘La práctica pura y dura, por sí misma…’


…alegaban sin dudar los veteranos.

Y ¿cuáles eran esas prácticas?: La más profunda verdad del budismo había acaecido evidente eternamente: Los sucesos presenciables a lo largo de la vida operaron desde siempre de manera incuestionable, hasta al alcance de ciegos y de sordos; impedidos o diestros.

Nada en verdad era oculto. Y tras tan obvio hallazgo acaecido al final de aquel sinfín de búsquedas infructuosas, solo se cosechaban las risas.


Secrets of zazen

Secrets of zazen


La inspiración decisiva implicaba atenuar cualquier frontera entre el inicio y el fin; de tal modo, dicha práctica de meditación zazen constante derivaba en iluminación y satori a la postre y en un solo evento al unísono.

“El trabajo corporal era la forma más noble de la práctica verídica”.


Una vez con aquel tesoro en su haber, Dōgen partió de nuevo al Japón, a sabiendas de que, ya bien desde China o en territorio nipón, todo el mundo contemplará para siempre una misma luna ingrávida.


-Zen. Director: Banmei Takahashi (2009)-


“Estudiar la vía del Buda es estudiar el sí mismo.”

“Estudiar el sí mismo implica olvidar el sí mismo.”

“Olvidar el sí mismo es devenir uno con todas las demás existencias.”

“Hacerse uno con todas las existencias comporta la liberación del cuerpo propio y la mente, así como los cuerpos y las mentes del resto de los seres.”


Zazen on foggy rivers

Zazen on foggy rivers


Tras pasar a relevar a su fallecido maestro Rujing en la labor de administración del templo Kennin, Dōgen proclamó sin recelo haber importado de China las auténticas lecciones de Siddhartha Gautama Shakyamuni. A la vista de los antiguos intérpretes de la doctrina del Buda aquéllo comportaba una afrenta para la tradición más histórica, al igual que la perpetrada por las sectas Daruma-shu y Nenbutsu, lo que ponía en entredicho a las escuelas Hieizan y Tendai.


Bhikkhu Monk composition

Bhikkhu Monk composition


Retazos de influjos planetarios – IV


-[ Extractos de la narrativa ‘Planetas’ – Retazo IV ]-

-[ Enlace a retazo I ]-  -[ Enlace a retazo II ]-  -[ Enlace a retazo III ]-


La exploración sin remilgos

La humanidad en general jamás se sintió preparada para asumir las certezas hondas que subyacen a todo fenómeno próximo, rutinario o frecuente; menos aún para aquellos sucesos que convergen más allá del alcance del entendimiento inmediato o la percepción aledaña.

Y no era tan solo el asunto de los planetas y formas celestiales sitos en el firmamento; antes incluso que aquéllo, el ser humano jamás llegó a comprenderse a sí mismo.

Parafraseando a la ejemplar aventurera Alexandra David Néel, a la hora de exponer razones de peso para aclarar la ontología de casi cualquier evento bien podría afirmarse aquello que le fue comunicado por uno de los muchos maestros tibetanos que conoció en sus trasiegos por valles del Himalaya… :

“…háblele usted a los hombres de verdades profundas y trascendentes y dispararán bostezos, cuando no le abandonarán raudos, huyendo ipso facto de su entorno y cercanía. Proceda en cambio a argumentar un sinfín de burdas fábulas, leyendas fatuas y grotescos pamemas melindres y se tornarán de súbito en todo ojos y escuchas asombradas, ensimismadas y atentas.”

-[ ‘Las enseñanzas secretas de los budistas tibetanos’ – Alexandra David-Néel ]-


Ama Dablam monks

Monjes a pie del Ama Dablam, inmunes a influencias planetarias.


Allende la noción del ‘yo’

Retomando de nuevo el sapiente relato de aquella exploradora animosa… en los predios de Occidente, el género humano aspiró desde siempre a que las doctrinas científicas, filosóficas o gnósticas les resultaran gratas, cautivantes y sobre todo, en concordia con sus cándidos idearios presentidos, de manera que colmaran sus aspiraciones hasta llegar a sentirse reafirmados en ellas.

De este modo, desde estas nubes huérfanas, anárquicas y autárquicas se podría añadir que, presumirse en un universo de inicios y fines caóticos… -sin ningún arbitraje deífico al volante responsable de organizar el tablero y premiar a los nobles o castigar a los sátrapas- …conformaba un panorama que asolaba por igual a pensadores e incultos, virtuosos e infaustos… más allá de lo sensatamente asumible.

¡Para qué hablar de la sola idea de plantearse una vida allende la ‘noción del yo’!; semejante argumento detonaba el más aterrador espanto en las neuronas, los sentidos y chakras de toda suerte de humanos amnésicos.

A pesar de transcurrir muchos de ellos… -durante todas sus vidas- …seducidos con la idea de “fundirse con la gloriosa deidad”… enloquecían de pronto ante el riesgo de renunciar al fantasioso contorno que conformaban sus avatares mentales, físicos o emocionales; unos fugaces vehículos ocupados de manera transitoria a efectos de compilar datos sensibles circunscritos a situaciones concretas, adventicias o casuales.

La contradicción era obvia: ¿Cómo era posible pretender hacerse ‘uno con el todo’ sin aceptar de antemano disolver la entidad propia en aquel maremágnum de posibilidad inagotable?


Fronteras del ser... desvaneciéndose en su esencia originaria.

Fronteras del ser… desvaneciéndose en su esencia originaria.


Vestuarios orgánicos sometidos a mutación incesante

Las nociones asumidas acerca del ‘yo‘ en Occidente resultaban bien distintas de las que se admitían en los acervos budistas, especialmente los impartidos por las escuelas más secretas del Tíbet (Vajrayana o tántrica y especialmente la ancestral hechicería Bön).

El Bön más primigenio de la cultura del Tíbet mantendría incontables conexiones con prácticas de chamanismo provenientes del Asia, tanto central como septentrional; sin ir más lejos, esta praxis de taumaturgia avanzada también concuerda con ellas en profesar veneración al cielo. 

Incluso al refutar la idea de un alma inmaterial, inmortal y perenne… -entendida como una especie de ‘yo’ primigenio, susceptible o no de ser readaptado o recuperado en otros ciclos de vivencias futuras- …la mayoría de los pueblos occidentales persistieron en idealizar sus ‘yoes’ como una entidad ciertamente compacta, circunscrita a sus organismos físicos y duradera por lo menos desde el mismo momento de emerger en el mundo hasta abandonar el cuerpo; de aquella forma, casi cualquier humano gustaba de figurarse como una suerte de unidad sentidora homogénea, sometida a mutaciones para bien o para mal, pero siempre entendida como un solo estamento de mente, de percepción y emoción, de raciocinio, memoria y consciencia.

A veces incluso también en Oriente, el estereotipo de humano genérico no era capaz de apreciar hasta qué punto tales metamorfosis, ya bien exiguas o drásticas, acaecían a cada segundo de vida; tampoco llegaba a constatar la multitud de procesos en curso que delimitaban cada distinto perfil de sujeto, carácter o personaje que se iba conformando en su cuerpo durante el continuo discurrir mutante de cada supuesta entidad u organismo.


Tibetan conquest of 'jiva'

Tibetan conquest of an undetermined ‘jiva


Cual la esencia del torrente de un río

En las primeras escuelas therevada de budismo se rebatió la existencia de un alma perenne capaz de transmigar entre diferentes estadios de vida y renacimientos en cadena; de hecho, tan ingenua hipótesis era considerada como el error más craso en tales ámbitos.

A pesar de ello, gran parte de los practicantes de budismo en la actualidad han retomado esa vieja idea hindú referida al ‘jiva‘ (el ‘yo‘); de tal modo se contempla el ideario de una u otra forma de contenedor anímico perenne que intercambia su cuerpo sucesivamente adoptando nuevas formas de organismos, cual si se tratara de vestimentas de usar y tirar.

Muy al contrario, en los círculos de las enseñanzas secretas tibetanas se negaba en rotundo la existencia de ese ‘yo anímico’, aislado o hasta perenne, entendiéndolo más bien como una interminable secuencia de cambios sucediéndose en fracciones de tiempo diminutas; mutaciones en secuencia constante, fruto de un sinfín de parámetros circunstanciales físicos, mentales o emocionales que, al interactuar entre sí, causaban reacciones reflejas sobre el resto de los ‘yoes’ de los demás individuos.

La noción del ‘yo’ entendida desde el canon tibetano vendría a implicar una transmutación inatrapable persistente, similar a la acaecida en el transcurso de los flujos y torrentes que discurren por los cauces de los ríos, los arroyos, los océanos.

Porque era obvio que aquel río nunca fue el mismo.


Tibetan monk trance at Ganden monastery... (improving his secret teachings).

Tibetan monk trance at Ganden monastery… (improving his secret teachings).


Nahuales y tulkus

Sin salirse del acervo cultural imperante en el Tíbet, la tendencia anterior solo cabe aplicarle excepciones en los casos de las reencarnaciones en cadena de los llamados ‘tulkus‘; es decir: Aquellos individuos que, debido a una meritoria acumulación de dharma en un concreto periplo de vida, son llamados a ocupar substancias físicas cada vez más refinadas… -en encarnaciones futuras- …preservando una noción del ‘yo’ similar al anterior; como ejemplo a dicha tesis cabe hacerse eco del típico transmigrar de los famosos ‘dalai lamas‘.

Siempre y en todo caso, tal privilegio de continuidad sería posibilitado a fin de persistir en su misión de propeler con más profundidad y excelencia justa y precisamente eso: La noción más depurada del dharma, entendido en su más acrisolada quintaesencia.

De esta manera parece promoverse la idea de que, no todas las consciencias sesgadas que, en el pasado o actualmente, vinieron a ocupar sus respectivos atrezos de fisicalidad orgánica devienen ulteriormente encarnados en otros moldes biológicos en idéntica noción de ‘yo familiar, redundante’, y que, por lo tanto, semejante facultad de durabilidad habría que ganársela a pulso. Una suposición ciertamente cercana a la expuesta en los anales toltecas expresados en ‘la regla del nahual‘.


El trance del 'modo verbal'

Suceso avistado desde múltiples focos de observación y en trance del ‘tiempo verbal’… sin epicentro o sujeto aislado del resto de componentes actores, entorno de experimentación en el cual… la Vida se acecha y se observa a Sí misma.


La libertad que horroriza

Sin ser capaces los seres de asumir el inenarrable cuanto de autonomía que otorgaba desembarazarse de aquel límite interino, provisional, pasajero… –la prisión del ‘yo propio’– …la humanidad de Occidente, a grandes rasgos, huía de toda argumentación contundente proclive a reconducir su atención hacia la idea de que, en realidad, aquel borde entre sus singularidades y el Todo… no era más que una jaula mordaz y punzante, allende la cual se expandía la presencia originaria del Universo y el mundo, una vez ya liberada de cualquier frontera de confín personal, sometida al continuo contraste del dualismo.

La ausencia de aquellos contornos implicaba un formato de vivencia expandida y espléndida, con potestad indudable para presenciarse a sí misma sin cortapisas de enfoques particulares menguados; ergo, sin necesidad de juzgar ni tasarse, pues ya no se trataría de un cuanto de observación circunscrito a ningún ‘uno’ definido y limitado a la perspectiva parcial enfocada a terceros organismos o sucesos.

En semejante entramado de vida desvinculada de egos y ‘yoes’ (jiva, atman) ya no acontecería nadie específico presenciando los fenómenos sino que cualquier acontecimiento en curso devendría perceptible en trance de ‘tiempo verbal’, sin objeto ni sujeto distanciados entre sí.

Expresándolo en otros términos sería como afirmar que, la Existencia en su total apogeo, se bastaba y se sobraba para presenciarse íntegra y completamente, sin auxilio de actores protagonistas separados en miríadas de cuerpos o filamentos de emanaciones orgánicas-lumínicas distintas.


Nomads near Namtso - 'Life itself happens'

Nomads near Namtso – Where… ‘Life itself happens.’


Rituales de iniciación taxativa

A algunos afortunados iniciados en unas u otras escuelas de misterios ocultistas se les demostró el poderoso “anatema” de que, después de todo… era totalmente posible discurrir por la consciencia del fenómeno de Ser… sin la muleta ni el prisma de ‘observación subjetiva’.

Semejante hallazgo implicaba un enfoque de experimentación totalmente diferente a como habitualmente se discurría en la Tierra, desde el haz de percepción y análisis emitido por trillones de organismos biofísicos aislados; esos muñecos viscosos que, todo lo más, se alquilaron temporalmente en calidad de faetones circunstanciales y efímeros a fin de lograr disgregar la consciencia singularizada en Mónada en múltiples filamentos de intelecto sensorial, con raciocinio y memoria.

Tales disfraces engendrados a su justa y precisa escala se dispersaron de la emanación primordial al solo fin de atisbar el detalle de realidades infinitésimas, dispuestas a ser vividas desde cerca y en trance de ‘primera persona’.

Desde la mirada de cualquier hombre que accediera a altos estadios de consciencia acrecentada… el total de la humanidad se apreciaba como un compendio de títeres y marionetas controlados desde estamentos de decisión tan alternos como “aéreos” y en todo caso, bien alejados de su entorno de movilidad individual volitiva.


Fuego azulado, el auspicio de la extinción del contorno.

Fuego azulado hiperbóreo, auspicio de la extinción del contorno.


La aclimatación a los límites

La cuarta decisión del mero acto de Ser primigenio ya plenamente consciente, todavía confabulando la expansión de sí mismo desde su estadio de Mónada, fue la de fijar tales parámetros márgenes… -delimitar sus contornos- …a fin de hacer perdurar tal suerte de recipientes por el tiempo acotado necesario y pertinente para explorar… -desde el máximo de apéndices sensores- …sus más diminutos matices.

Pero ocurrió que cada porción de consciencia debidamente truncada convino en aclimatarse de lleno a semejante minimización a escala, de modo tal que… desde cada uno de esos organismos tullidos… el Infinito se presumió una amenaza.

Y para amansar la inquietud que propiciaba la asunción de aquel cuanto insondable de potencia… -y no sentirse abrumado en el actual enjambre ilusorio, finito y perecedero- …la mayoría de individuos segmentados prefirieron aferrarse al rudimento alternativo ideado por los zafios sacerdotes del engaño, imprimiendo vigencia a aquel significante yermo y funesto divulgado por tamaño contubernio de farsantes.

Aquel gremio de hechiceros primerizos fueron los autores nocivos del mantra de magia negra más anestésico y letal… por excelencia:



Octupussy monad - Tentáculos de un mismo endriago... creyéndose autárquicos.

Octupussy monad – Tentáculos de un mismo endriago… demasiado tiempo creyéndose individuales y autárquicos.


Traicioneros malabarismos semánticos

Y así fue que, en lugar del vasto e implacable Infinito, aquel monosílabo parche, tan pueril y trasnochado, simbolizó el egrégor de una supuesta paternidad celosa, vigilante, justiciera y poderosa, al gusto y talento de sus pueblos “elegidos” y de sus profetas, salvadores y mesías.

Y así fue que, aún por esas, semejante identidad semántica fuera asociada a la “oportuna” entidad mitológica tildada de afable, amorosa y piadosa por el resto de un rebaño confiado, aniñado y masoquista, casi siempre en exceso perjudicado.

Y así fue que aquellas tribus plebeyas, no incluidas en el sesgo primordial más agraciado… -y a pesar de haber sido flagrantemente ultrajadas en tan despreciable diezma- …insistieron en alcanzar los designios de potencia de su endriago arquitecto depravado, auspiciando una fusión de concordia en sus brazos, más allá de los planetas, luminarias y galaxias.

Y así fue que por hechizo consumado por la curia sumeria, kemética, zoroástrica y más tarde también abrahámica… el Infinito sin nombre, sin fronteras ni consciencia de sí mismo

…deviniera degradado al grotesco escalafón de ‘deidad’.


-[ Retazos de influjos planetarios – ‘Intermezzo’ ]-


-[ Retazo parcialmente inspirado en textos de Alexandra David-Néel, fuente de sugestión y poder en el curso de una investigación extraplanetaria libre, independiente y ante todo soberana… -(allende la Línea de Kármán)-. ]-


-[ Monográfico sobre el perfil y la biografía de ‘Madame Tibet‘; en esta ocasión enmarcada en su versión italiana como brindis empático hacia el país del arte, morada de Simona. -Versión en castellano aquí.- ]


“Obedecer es morir. Cada instante en que el hombre se somete a una voluntad extraña es un instante substraído a su propia vida.”

“La única ley de los seres (naturales), demostrada y confirmada por el estudio y la experiencia, es el deseo vital, la búsqueda de la satisfacción de todas sus facultades, como medio para vivir plenamente, y la lucha contra cualquier forma de sufrimiento. El hombre no tiene razón alguna para creerse excluido de esta ley universal.”

“Que cada cual siga enteramente, siempre y en cualquier parte, el impulso de su naturaleza, ya sea ésta limitada o genial. Sólo entonces el hombre sabrá lo que es vivir, en lugar de despreciar la vida sin haberla vivido jamás.”

-Alexandra David-Néel-


Alexandra David-Néel - Obedecer es morir

Alexandra David-Néel – ‘Obedecer es morir…’ (A lo que añadimos: … y arrodillarse, sucumbir ante otro yo… disfrazado de “dios”).


-[ Fragmentos resúmenes del texto ‘Planetas’; narrativa simbolista iniciada el 4 de enero de 2018 ]-


-[ Photoshop edits by Digital Imagine TV ]-