Samadhi – Film Trailer

Samadhi – Film Trailer [9 minute excerpt from film]

[ Publicado el 15 ago. 2015

The film Samadhi will be most likely be released 2016. We are following our inner guidance with respect to the timing of the release. In the spirit of the ancient teachings “Samadhi” will be released for free for the benefit of all beings. Please subscribe to this Youtube channel, the AwakenTheWorldFilm channel to receive notification when it is released, and join our mailing list at If you have not watched the award winning documentary series “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” it can be watched for free at the above link.

Please contact us if you can help to translate the film to another language.

The Awaken the World Initiative aims to bring the ancient teachings back to planet Earth. We rely on donations to make this happen. Please support us at: ]



Samadhi film update [ 19 diciembre 2016, 15:19 ] There have been many inquiries about the film lately as we are nearing the end of 2016 and I just want to provide you all with an update. It has been a continuous exercise in “letting go” as I have had to drop my own expectations and mentally imposed deadlines. That being said it has been a busy, productive year and things are really coming together.

I am starting to see a final finished film getting ready to be born into the world within a few months. This is necessarily coinciding with the evolution of my own meditation practice and ever-deepening experience of Samadhi.

I feel that it is no accident that this ancient teaching is coming back into the world at a time of much turmoil, and the potential for mass awakening has never been more potent on planet Earth. All attention and dedication is being given to this birthing process, so rest assured that it will arrive when the greater poetry of the universe deems fit.

Thank you for your patience and I will provide further updates in the new year.

If a man wishes to be sure of the road he treads on, he must close his eyes and walk in the dark.

-St. John of the Cross-.



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Buddha Dordenma Thimfu bronze sculpture

Buddha Dordenma Thimfu bronze sculpture



  1. I hope you did well in getting support for this project. It looks most interesting about everything that refers to the spiritual.

    • I am afraid that the producer, Daniel Schmidt, has found a more direct path towards the culmination of his own realization, as a conscience and as a spirit … than the mere disclosure of his knowledge to others … and perhaps the project of this very interesting film will remains in suspense until … who knows when.

      By the way… I’m sorry for having reached so late in this response; as I told you, I was absent during the entire March.

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