K2 with a Drone!

¿Primer récord de altura de manejo de un dron?

En el presente artículo, del canal YouTube del usuario: Petr Jan Juračka, se importa un interesante documental sobre el uso de los drones en el Karakorum; con importantísima banda sonora en onda ‘Dubstep’ de lo mejorcito que se puede encontrar en ese estilo ahora mismo en la SoundCloud.

Publicado el 1 ago. 2016

I am very grateful to Czech climber Klára Kolouchová, who invited me to join her at U.S. International expedition to the second highest peak of the World, mystic K2 at Karakoram, Pakistan! This is a short movie about flying a drone at high altitude at Camp I (6334 m a.s.l.). Full documentary movie will come soon. You can check our expedition at: http://www.klarakolouchova.cz
This is film by Petr Jan Juračka, 2016. You are welcome to check my webpage: at http://www.juracka.eu, as well as my page at Facebook:


and Instagram:



After publishing this video I am receiving links to interesting to great drone videos at high altitude. Great polish film maker David Kaszlikowski sent me this unique footage of David Lama and Corey Rich:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qchy7…. It made a bit sad, as I was going to delete my record from the title. BUT! When checking flying log I found, that my take-off altitude was 3664 m a.s.l., what I can confirm when checking the satellite image. So, I am still not aware of any other higher flight of another commercial and civil drone 🙂 However, there are more higher flight with custom build drones, i.e., by awesome John Griffith who flew at 6500 this spring. Later on, I was reached by Lukas Furtenbach, who flew his drone in the same season at 8000 at Everest CIV:


Congratulations dude!

I used music from my favourite site http://www.soundcloud.com

Dexter Britan, Wild (Impression, 2015):


Dexter Britain, The Impression (Impression, 2015):


Wonderlust, Mssingno – XE3 (Wheathin Turn, 2016):




Despite two drones DJI Phantom 3 Advanced (aerial footage), I recorded the video with new Nikon D500 in 4K, while the timelapse has been done with Nikon D810A.


I used these great bags for carrying my drones and cameras:


I used DigiSlider both for sliding footage and timelapse:


Action footage was recorded with Olympus TG-Tracker.

Blog about this adventure at Dronestagram:


I would like for a help with the voice over: Zach and Amanda Settewongse, Mark Shuttleworth, Michal Zima, Jan Duchoslav, David Fiala and TV Nova studios.

Some of of the archive footage was recorded by Vojta Duchoslav (2013).

I was allowed to record the voice over in the studios of TV NOVA, Prague. Thank you, guys! ]





  1. Reblogged this on Feronia Nature press and commented:
    La inefable sensación de sobrevolar al lado de las aristas del KD con el empleo de drones y la sabiduría de alquien que se ha sabido apuntar a las nuevas tecnologías para ejercer como fotógrafo a lo largo del mundo…

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